Today my parents had to go to a car boot sale in Phalscam with all their unwanted furniture and a few of Dylan's possessions we decided not to keep. Well, all the possessions they decided not to keep.

This meant I could sneak in Andrew. First we had a cup of tea and then started kissing, but I didn't want to do anything else so I made another cup of tea. We talked for a bit about Dylan and then Andrew told me a bit more about his mum.

He's looked after her since he was about five. Their parents never got on well and of the two children, Andrew was her favourite. He didn't have many friends and not many hobbies, so he didn't mind staying in a dark room with her, watching films and TV programmes. Sometimes she'd fall asleep, or sometimes she's lose interest in the film and phone all her friends in succession. 'I always paused them,' Andrew said, 'even if she said it was alright not to.' He still did, even if his mum had seen the same film a hundred times before.

And he'd sometimes help clean up her sick and that sort of thing, later on, at the times when she came home drunk. Her husband hadn't seemed to care much, from what Andrew told me. And his brother, Chris, had stayed away from her as much as was humanly possible. He'd had have friends, and he'd go and stay with them a lot.

Then they got seperated and Andrew decided rather half-heartedly to go with his mother. I say half-heartedly. He didn't say that but I could hear it in his voice.

He'd brought me some sweets and a carton of cranberry juice. I almost didn't accept them but he was insistent. Then he pulled a little spray of forget-me-nots out of his pocket, slightly squashed I thought. I tried really saying no this time, but he hadn't bought them. He said quite deliberately that he'd picked them and that picked flowers meant a bit more than bought ones. I said something Dylan said once about how he stole flowers for his mother because he thought it was more complimentary, that one would steal something for you.

I said something about not wanting him to be so nice to me. He said 'We've got to be nice to each other. Nobody's particularly nice to me at the moment, and I suspect not many people are being nice to you.' He said it in a kind way, but I didn't... It didn't make any difference. And I asked him to leave, and he did in the end. 

I don't know what I want with... I don't know. I don't know.

The End

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