The Truth About Ana Fairchild

After fair-haired, poised, and beautiful Ana Fairchild took a two year leave of absence following her freshman year of high school, she returns a cynical and jaded senior. New comer Rosie Richards is fascinated by Ana and the stories that have preceded her. But, when she returns, the once-charismatic Ana is reclusive. When it comes to light that Ana's two black years were spend in a rehabilitation center treating her for anorexia nervosa, speculations arises about t why Ana is living with her a


It is amazing how one life can be so affected by another. That two ships passing on dark water, or in my case, cold cement, could seemingly alter so much. The undeniable change so prominent it could alter a life course. Because, on one sullen spring day, I met a girl that changed everything. A girl I thought I knew, a girl everyone thought they knew, who proved to me that, in fact, no one really did.
    It has always struck me as ironic that the flame that has guided my life ever since was lit on such a saturnine day. I’ve never been much for gloomy weather, but, I guess, when it come right to down it, I owe it a lot. Not just my career choice, or the name of my daughter either, but a simple lesson in truth. Something that I severely needed at the time.
    And it is that truth I am pursing, not the irony, when I ask the question: would I have been the same? If I had never met her? If we had never spoken? If the geriatric, hand-me-down Chevrolet my mother had given me had miraculously started that April morning, would I be the same person writing this today?
    The answer is a clear, concise, and resounding ‘no’.

The End

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