The True You. By Sophia

All credit to a great friend of mine, Sophia. She wrote me this poem because I was low and had just had an argument with the (now ex-)boyfriend about changing my appearance (he loved me for who I am- Awww.) and the T-Rex part has something to do with a dream I had about a T-Rex chasing me, then it giving up on trying to eat me because it prefers jelly beans....

You can cover yourself with make-up,
but it will not cover your face.
You can go and get surgery,
but people will see your skin.
you can try and hide your feelings,
but it will not hide the true you.
You can wear a mask,
but people will still see right through.
You can cry all day,
but you can also get up and chase your fears away.
The T-rex may still chase you,
if the jelly beans won't keep it at bay.
The people will still love you,
even though you run away.
And even if people don't want you change,
even if you do,
they will still love you all the same.

The End

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