The TRUE Story of the Good Samaritan

The rain pitter-pattered on the window out side of little Patrick’s bedroom as his father tucked him in to bed. By the light of the full moon, the leafless trees outside cast monstrous shadows onto the floor of the bedroom like dark claws reaching to pluck the small boy from his bed.

            “Tell me a story Pa-pa.” The child asked as his father as he pulled the blankets up to his son’s chin.

            “Of course my darling.” He said with a loving smile. Patrick squirmed to dig himself deeper into the mattress. His father thought for a brief moment and then with a smile cooed.

            “I know. Have I told you the story of the Good Samaritan?”

            “No Pa-pa, I haven’t heard that one. “

            “Well let me tell you as there is a lesson to be learned.”



            “Once upon a time, a kindly merchant was traveling on the road with his son in his horse drawn wagon to town so that he could sell his wears. He sold many nice things like clay pots and jewelry and carpets and rugs. He knew that if he made good time to the town he could sell his goods and return in time to have dinner with his wife and young son.” At this Patrick’s father tweaked his son’s nose.

            “Now on his way the kindly merchant saw an injured Samaritan laying on the side of the rode. The Samaritan called out to the merchant and begged him for aid. So the merchant got down from his wagon and washed the Samaritan’s wounds and told his son to fetch clothes from the wagon to dress the Samaritan in. Now, just as the merchant and his son-helped dress the Samaritan, the men who had hurt the Samaritan came out of hiding. They killed the kindly merchant and beat his son terribly. Then they knocked the Samaritan to the side of the rode again and rode off with the merchant’s wagon and horse.”


“Oh...” Patrick said with dismayed surprise.

            “Yes. That is the story of the Good Samaritan. Now if you find the Good Samaritan just remember, he wants to kill me and your mother and then to beat you. Kill the Good Samaritan if you are brave. Otherwise you must deal with his lies.”

            And Patrick’s father kissed him on the brow and wished him good night and left his son to fall into slumber. Yet sleep did not find Patrick fast, and the shadows cast into his room seemed more foreign than they had before.  

The End

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