The True Story of Jack and Jill

A twist on a classic nursery rhyme - the characters are never quite as we remember them...are they?

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
One was broke with charming looks, the other a rich man's daughter
Jill thought it was fun and games after meeting the boy of her dreams
What he didn't show, and she didn't know was Jack's muderous scheme

Atop the hill was an old stone well, so deep it never ended
He was parched and pink and wanted a drink, or so Jack pretended
She leaned over the well, dropped the bucket, retrieved water for her lover
Jack squatted down, lifted her off the ground, and sent her tumbling over

Down and down, and further she fell, until she could fall no more
She finally stopped, her spinal cord popped, and what was one is now four
Above her corpse, Jack looked on, to make sure no one was around
He sealed the well, bidded her farewell, and left without making a sound

The insurance policy would give him wealth, and securities beyond belief
It would bring him joy, buy him new toys, but all he felt was grief
The truth was he did love Jill, more than anyone he loved before
But jewels and dames, riches and fame, he loved money so much more

But Jill wouldn't stay dead, so she came back to life, her spirits in her corpsed shell
Her hair a mess, her skin distressed, she looked like she's been through hell
She made her way up, digging and jamming her broken fingers into the wall 
Dead and insane, she felt no pain, wanting Jack and nothing else at all

In his big empty mansion, Jack felt a chill, as if being watched from close
Someone was here, someone quite dear, someone was under his nose
He felt a pang of terror when he thought he had seen his dead Jill
He turned white as a daisy, his world became hazy, and he suddenly became ill

When he finally came to, there was no one in sight, maybe it was only a dream
But it felt so real, which wasn't ideal, something must be done it would seem
He grabbed the longest rope he could find, and made his way up to the well
He needed to know, Jill's buried below, or forever this fear would dwell

So Jack went up the hill, but without Jill, to the well that held her body
To his dismay, the seal he made that day, had fallen and was resting oddly
It looked to have opened from inside, but how was it that could be
The dead could not rise, he was aprised, he told himself convincingly

"Why would you do that Jack?" He heard from a voice behind
He turned to see Jill, the girl he had killed, looking quite unrefined
Her eyes had no color, her lips had no red, her skin peeled from her bones
Frightened he ran, crying he began, for his sin he would never atone

So Jack ran away from Jill, away from her maniacal laughter
Jack fell down and broke his crown, and snapped his neck shortly after.
The two lovers were joined again on the hill's slippery slope
Oh what a tale, of love and betrayal to give future lovers hope

The End

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