Lady Tremaine

Drizella stared at the back of the head of her sister who was looking at their mother. Lady Tremaine moved forwards, forcing Anastasia to move backwards, almost stepping on Drizella's left foot. The lamp still crackled behind them and the light lit up their mothers face clearly.

Her dark green eyes were hideous from the glow of the lamp. Her brown hair was clumped on the top of her head, with strands of black dragging off down the back of her head. She wore long, black, wavy robes, that dragged along the floor when she walked.

She was the first to speak, careful to keep her voice low, “If you two dare to step out of line of cleaning up again, then you will spend the rest of the week in the cellar. Do I make myself clear?”

The two girls replied in sync, “Yes Ma’am,” Lady Tremaine stepped back.

"I do not want to be woken up by creaking floorboards again. Cinderella told me excatly how you left your aprons draped across the floor," she spoke leaving no gap for the two sisters to try and argue with her, before she turned around walking toward the doorway.

Anastasia spoke up befor her mother left the living room, "But, mother."

Lady Tremaine spun around in fury and sped towards the daughter that had spoken out of line. "There are no 'buts' towards me young lady!" She raised her hand as she stood before Anastasia. Drizella turned her face away as to not have to see her sister being hit, but she didn't have enough time to block her ears. The hand smacked Anastasia's cheek, and I swear anyone within 10 miles could hear it. The sound echoed around the house. Anastasia turned back and saw mother walking away, with Cinderella quickly leaping up the stairs. As Lady Tremaine reached the doorway, she turned back to the two sisters. "May that mark be a reminder to you two fools! Never step out of line!" She turned away and boldy walked up the stairs. It took almost a minute before the girls moved from their position. Drizella picked the cup of water back up, and slowly poured some of the water over the lamp. The room grew darker, as the fireplace continued to crackle alone. Drizella poured the last of the water over the fire, and the room was plunged into complete darkness.

The End

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