The scrubbing was the worst job around the house. Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine hated it. They would be working all day and night until every side, floor, tile was spotless. One night though, they had finished all their work in the kitchen before the clock had struck eleven. They whipped off their aprons, slung them on the floor and trampled towards their room. They had made their way past the stairs, careful not to tramp on any of the loose floor boards that would wake up their awful mother, Lady Tremaine, and their even worse step sister, Cinderella, but they heard a screech come from the kitchen. They both made a low, quiet groan, whilst in synchronisation, mumbled, “Cinderella.” They slowly plodded back towards the kitchen, not caring about the creaking floorboards underneath them. They walked back through the open arch and saw Cinderella standing, staring, pointing at the ground. They looked down to where she was pointing and saw their aprons spread casually on the floor.

Cinderella looked up at the two sisters. Her dark brown hair curled into a hairball. Her brown eyes showed she was in a bad mood, and the way her lip trembled, it looked like she wanted to shout. Her long, pink, silk robe covered her red bunny trousers, and her empty black top. The slippers she wore had the head of bears, with the jaw wide open.

The sisters walked over to the aprons, picked them up, and walked over to the storage closet which was tucked away in the south-east corner of the kitchen. Anastasia opened the door to the closet and bundled her apron on the side shelf, next to the stale bread. Drizella nudged beside her sister and bundled hers on the shelf underneath, next to the pile of mousetraps. They both pushed back through the doorway, and Anastasia slammed it closed behind them. They walked back past her step-sister, back through the hallway, and into the living room. The oil lamp sizzled next to the fireplace, which crackled loudly. Drizella walked over to it, taking a cup of water to put the lamp out with. When one drop of water was about to drip from the cup, she heard a quiet cough from behind her. She turned with fright, and saw her sister staring at their mother.

The End

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