The True Story of Cinderella

This is the true story behind the fairytale of Cinderella

Fairy Tales are wrong. Countless years of retelling and pantomime have changed the original stories and bent then far from the truth; Snow White’s dwarfs were not small all over and she knew it, Sleeping Beauty was not alone in her bed, Rapunzel hung more than her hair out of the window. The Hatters Hat wasn’t the only thing that was removed at the tea party, Hansel and Gretel were not siblings and didn’t follow anyone into the woods, and as for all that nonsense about Red Riding Hood being an innocent young girl, well I have no idea who came up with that.

One story that has changed dramatically from many retelling and pantomime over time is the story of the servant who makes it to a ball and lives happily ever after. Who said it ended there? This is the story of Cinderella, and this is the horrific truth...

The End

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