The truck

no idea. just runnin with it

Back in the 60's Nigel Biro had a pickup truck that we'd drive around in the back field.  It was rusty enough that our jeans would be covered with ochre polish by the time we got out and it was the 60's and we were in Kansas and we didn't care.

Mary Ellen, who he called his girlfriend, but she was pretty much f*cking all the Edwards Boys would come to and we'd hoot and holler and throw beer cans into the back.  Nigel had a gun, a Colt 45, his Dad had given it to him, it was the sixty's and no one cared and the only thing to do was to load up the gun with bullets from Bosson's Pharmacy and shoot things.  Cans.  Squirrels.  Turnips.  Mary Ellen had the best aim of the three of us and Nigel didn't mind if I stared at her t*ts.  He'd always slap her on the ass and she'd just laugh and wiggle it calling him "Honey" and "Sweetheart".

One day we had taken the truck to do skinnydipping at the hole and Barney Fergus was watchin' and laughi'.  He was a crazy b*stard but he didn't do anyone any harm.  He was always drunk on Listerine and you could smell it on his clothes.  Nigel went up to him buck naked and asked him for a smoke and Barney looked him up and down and told him he didn't have any and maybe Nigel should check his pockets.  And that got him laughing and Mary Ellen was running late for the pig farm where she herded them for feeding so we had to go and didn't have any smokes.

The End

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