The guard dragged me toward the metal double doors I had been curious about earlier. Now I wasn’t so curious. I just wanted out of this facility. Ever since I’d been brought here, I’d found nothing but trouble. 

I couldn’t gander and fawn over the technology because the guards whipped me by labs so fast it made my head swim. My feet couldn’t keep up with them and they had to literally lift me into the air.

“Don’t bother staring,” Guard One said. “You won’t be staying long.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked as Guard Two nearly pulled my arm out of socket. “Ow! Hey, watch it!”

“You have a fifty-fifty chance,” Guard Two said.

“To what?” I asked. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like the answer.

He smiled evilly. “To live or die.


Dr. Clarke Jenkins patched up the shoulder of his latest subject and wheeled the crash cart into recovery. The new procedure was coming along nicely, but he still wasn’t one-hundred percent sure about it. As he placed another gurney beneath the device guards pulled a woman into the room. She was struggling against them but was so petite compare to the two thugs that any move to break free was immediately thwarted.

“You can’t have another one already,” Jenkins said. He spun the knobs to the electronic devices back to their beginning positions and opened the dome above the gurney. Lights lit up the room like a night game at Busch Stadium.

Guard Two thrust the woman at Jenkins who barely caught her before she collapsed on the floor.

“Is that really necessary?” Jenkins asked. He steadied her as he removed the bindings from her wrists, but her disorientation caused her to fall against the table. Jenkins moved her into place.

“This is a special delivery from General McCabe,” Guard One said. “He wants the procedure done immediately.”

“Immediately?” Jenkins said. “I need at least a day to make the necessary adjustments. Unless I have compatible nanos, there could be damage to her system.”

“You don’t have a day. The subject’s already been causing trouble,” Guard One said. “General McCabe says you have two hours.”

“Two hours? I can’t get a compatible match in less than four.”

“Make it possible or deal with McCabe yourself.”

The guards held Taffy’s hands down as Jenkins strapped her into the device. She yanked at her restraints, but only an extremely strong body builder could break free. He administered a strong sedative and the woman fell into a deep slumber.


Four hours later.

The lights in the laboratory were dark, but various instruments around the room provided a dim light. It took a short while to gain my bearings, but I still felt a bit on the loopy side. Whatever they had given me had to be strong, but then again, I crashed when I took Nyquil. 

A lady sitting in a nearby chair looked up from her Kindle. She stood and shoved it into her pocket. As she came closer, I could tell it was the receptionist I’d met when I’d first entered the facility. She had a smile on her face. It was the first happy expression I’d seen since I’d come here.

“You’re awake. Lovely.” She helped me to a sitting position. It was a task that took over a minute to accomplish. I wasn’t feeling very coordinated. She told me her name was Helen Burke.

“What happened to me?” I asked. My shoulder throbbed and I still felt a bit woozy.

“The implantation took longer than anyone anticipated. You should rest for a few days to recover your immunity,” she said.

She made it sound like I'd just been through a major blood transfusion. I wasn't sure why I felt like this.

"What do you mean by implantation?" I asked.

She smiled weakly. "I'll leave that question to Dr. Jenkins."

"What did you people do to me?" I felt a sudden pain in my skull that seemed to originate from nowhere. I didn't scream, although I wanted to. Before I could say anything to the receptionist, the pain mysteriously vanished.

I stared at her in confusion, tears edging my eyes from the pain.

"Why am I here?"

I held onto her outstretched hand as I climbed off the bed. I rubbed my sore shoulder. I wondered why it hurt. Had I done some sort of exercise to pull a muscle? Did I injure myself? Was that why I was in the hospital?

I was so tired. I decided to think more about it in the morning.

"Why don't I take you to your room where you can rest," the receptionist said.

"That would be good," I mumbled.


Clarke Jenkins shoved the guard to the other side of the room. He checked the medical equipment that monitored Taffy's implant then glared at the guard.

"Never touch the equipment," he shouted. "You could have given her a stroke."

"But I didn't, did I?" The guard's name was Isaac and Clarke knew he'd have to keep an eye on him concerning Taffy. He had to be one of General McCabe's inside men in the facility.

"The nanos in her blood are experimental. We don't yet know the extent of what it can do to her," Clarke said. "We don't want to add to the complications."

"McCabe wants to keep her in line," Isaac said.

"You don't have to erase minutes of her memory to do that!" Clarke exclaimed.

The End

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