Fiona was able to walk into any agency and draw up their supports with them. She had wandered into the buildings to search that there is anyone there who were on the take. Fiona had tried to draw the attention of this matter.

Saduie had brought it to the attention of the persons she had believed were not on the take. No one was able to do anything about this matter, she did not understand, Sadie knew a burglar who was top rate, she had a reason to  do this.

Troy  slipped inside the office of the mayor, by  crawling down a an air vent, he had a great dislike for the mayor. He desired to make the bug undetectible for Sadie as she had given him food to protect themselves from the people who were ruling over them.

The burglar had the desire to try and presuade the person who caught him, to walk away from the crime.  That he had been caught doing, when he first was caught, the reason he was doing this was to stay alive.

He was not an opportunist, he was unable to talk the person out of doing this to him. He learned quickly how to keep his hands out of the trouble.  Tim taught him, to use his hands as quickly as he could possibly be with them, Tim called him, "White lightning. His hands moved as quickly as a light illinumates the night.

The woman who asked him to plant the bugs here and there. He had been fortunately not been caught by them. He wanted to help her, and he would die doing so.  He found someone who could listen to last batch of recordings for him to help her with. 

The man operated a radio  station in a college, he looked at the lad who walked into the office holding a bag of flash drives. The person knew, who had been able to do this was his friend. Troy was able to do this for Sadie.

Taylor clapped a set of earphones on his ears, and adjusted the meter to allow him listen to it. She was able to allow them to learn what he was seeking to find.  Troy recognized the voice as the warden of the prsion where he was held. Hearing,

"I will get the girls to go to the club. "

A woman's voice neither of them recognized,"I will arrange for you to get your drugs?"

"Thank you!

The End

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