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  He took the coroner by the arm and advised him, he was under arrest. The evidence had; had been falsified the data.  The police officers were still alive.  They killed someone else to be used as fuel for the fire.  The bodies were at least white, that and their weight and height were similar to them.

   The evidence was huge, they could not hide it. The editor of the tribe was holding the same evidence.  The tidal wave was engrossing the city's most powerful. The captain was appalled by what he had seen, and was given by them.

   There were officers in vice on the take, and certain d so were various judges were also on the take might explain why certain felons were given useless sentences. This explained that. The reason the felons' secondary trials were not heard.  The judges above them were not able to overturn the other rulings. Until now, he had assumed that the trials were without enough evidence to have done this. Now, he understood why.

The some of the judges took a sabbatical, as soon as the evidence had come to be in the hands Sadie.  The people who having agreed to allow them to do this now look shocked by what they had found them out of be doing.  

The judges were under attack too.  

The district heads were also listed here on this e files.  Wheeler looked at some of these names, he could not believe some of these names, and what they were doing, or being bribed to keep quiet about the things in their districts that should have been acted upon.

Wheeler had to capture the evidence; he knew he would have to shop around outside of his district and several other districts away from him. To find someone who was not listed on this payment or payroll.

There was another group of people trying to find the ring leaders of bringing this upon their shoulders. The group knew they were in trouble.

Rufus knew they had to get out of town. They would by jumping into a moving van.  They were able to get in the van; no one knew where they were, 

Their homes were set ablaze.  There were people on the lookout for them.  They had to be caught, to stop the bleeding that was going on from the wounds that Sadie had been able to find out about. 

Jenny knew or rather did not know how she was able to come up with all of this evidence on these people. Knowing that Jenny had been a brilliant reporter, her stories were very realistic and truthful, but Jenny did not know as to what they should do with this.  


Sadie would use all her means with which to gain answers to the quandary of information form the various sources. Sadie would walk out the door and come back smiling.

Sadie would talk to Bern he could supply her with names of people to see to get the thing she was seeking.  The elements he dabbled in were the underground. Bern arranged for her to look in on a woman who dabbled in bawdy houses, which were listed as bars. Sadie knew a woman who worked as a prostitute named Fiona. She had sent her to this lady’s bars. Fiona could pass as a youth.

Fiona had walked into the club, she was dressed in a very small skirt that advertized her legs and hips. Her legs were further enhanced by wearing stillottoe heels, that Sadie figured she would have killed herself walking in, she was amazed by her agility on them. She had an exceptionally large bust. She smoked and drank as would her cohorts that would desire her services if she agreed to the prices that they wanted to do with her, Fiona was ambidextorous. She was a stripper, as well as a prostitute in Germany.  But her papers showed none of this.  

The woman who owned the clubs looked her over and smiled as she saw her walk into the joint. She ahd her walk in a circle to show various portions of her wears, the dancer had brought in papers that proscribed her act.  With pictures of her in various states of undress showing her ample wares to the woman.  She smiled, and nodded in agreement with her being able to work here. She dismissed her age, as being dummied by some one in Germany.  The judges were looking for a child to be with, they would pay handsomely for this service.  The woman or girls were supposed to be virgins, she would arrange for them to be that.

Fiona had one of her agents take pictures of the people enter the club, to do this with The agent than turned the pictures over to Sadie to check who they were, where they had come from.  She knew what they were doing?

Fiona understood that they were doing this, she was frisked, and bodily searched. In case she was carrying something to record the clients who were using her and the others. In Germany she worked for interpol.  Having found that the others were addicted to narcotics to work here and ply their craft.

She was given wigs to change her appearance, and go to other clubs there. Fiona found that some judges came in with their wives to par take of the spoils that were offered here.  

A few even joined them, in their exploits. Fiona was doing this to protect teh children that this woman was suing to gain support form. Fiona worked with VICAP, she left the club four mothes later, giving Sadie and them the evidence she had.  She did not know, if the evidence wasenough, but her agency felt it was so.

The End

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