We have found the mayor?Mature

   The police units having arrived at the mayor’s office were unable to find him. There had to be an explanation this, but what. Watching the squad cars arrive there. The officers fanned out to cover any exits that had not been found before.  The police clambered up the stairs.

A second set of cops waited for him to appear by the back door. The camera feed fed from this car, was unable to provide them with anything.  It was as if they had been turned off. Of the car.  That was impossible.

Got the computer to draw a satellite link, that showed the car waiting there still. Yet when the other cars got there.  It was gone. They knew that was impossible. Yet here it was happening to them.

Half a day later, someone driving to dump found a man, whose knees were shot, He was blind, and his tongue and fingers were removed.  Wearing what the mayor was seen wearing the day that they went into retrieve him.

Another couple of squad cars went to his place to look in on his family.  They also had been brutalized the same way. This left a sour taste in Wheeler’s mouth. He was afraid as to where this person would go next. 

How he Okayed they would not have found the data that Sadie had been trying to get to them. However it now, was too late. The police station was overrun with details from the computer that Rufus supplied them with finding.  Some of these names involved the federal agencies. And state agencies as well.

This was slice powder keg had been lit. He did not have the jurisdiction to do this, but from what he was able to show to other people they had found the Holy Grail   to crime in their city.

He knew not what he had been given.

The mayor and his family would not be likely to live long enough to get anything out of any wine of them. The mayors hearing were destroyed. Wheeler looked over the case. He could not find anything that suggested that he was anywhere but in the squad car that vanished off the grid.

The squad car was in the dump set ablaze. There were two bodies in the car. The coroner thought, maybe they to be slain as well. The officer who looked over the Sadie's body and said they were the cops who were in the prowl car.

Wheeler turned itoverrot another coroner after receiving his findings. The other coroner concluded that they could not have been the same people. The only thing that was right was that they were the same height and weight. Dental records, were not theirs, skeleton markings were different.

The End

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