The problemMature

"Where are you taking me?"

"To see our boss." he warned


"we have been exposed, by someone we think it was you."He laughed manical to the mayors fera that he was feeling, he knew  what  happened to otherpeople she had had a dispute with.  They did not return to well after talking to her.  

"She wants answers?" Deb wants her answers from the people most knowledgible of her, and you I suppose are one of them?"

"So," The mayor asked, not really understanding as to what was to happen to him, he knwe soem of her mechanications as did others as well. He was afraid of what she was seeking from him, and waht devices she would use to get them.

They dorve towards a warehouse on that station of teh city, as they approached teh loading bay. The door to it opened. All that the mayor could see was nothing, aside from what the headlights were able to expose to his eyes. There were a huge number of drums and barrels  someon their sides.  Also a huge number of crates, Soem of these were open, contants exposded, seeing small animals and not so small animals scurry from place to place trying to flee the light from the headlights as they lit the chamber,  He saw a limoscene parked there, the cars headlights played across the car.

The limoscene was silver in color, the raer door opened, he saw a stillettoed foot emerge along with a shin and shapely calf and then was a black sequenced thigh length skirt, over it was a black sequenced jacket, and a silk red blouse. She stepped out of teh car.

She was here. He felt ellated and also afraid, he never saw her this close. He did not know what she looked like only from the pictures the  press was able to take of her. She slapped a riding srop into her hand.

"Benjermine, I want answers?"

"I do not know, what you are talking about!"

"Why did my people receive you from your building!" she asked, as she slapped the stick into her red evening gloved palm. He heard it smack.

"I was going out for a breathe of fresh air."

"Yes really, I wandered into their hands."

"Why are the police on your door step!"

"I do not know?"

Bruno do yu think, we can make him talk?"

"Yes mistress!"


The End

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