Out of reach!Mature

The mayor turned and fled down a staircase to elude capture. He did not need to be here to know why they have come. Someone sold him out, there was no one, but that Sadie woman that they had sealed her lips. She was not the one who was talking.  How could she?

The police can not do anything like this.  Without evidence. He knew, they destroyed teh evidence, he was there, when it happened. HE watched as thye did what they did to her. If he tried to argue, they swore they would do in his family.

He believed them. He knew of someone who objected to their behavior. They cut out his tongue and removed his fingers from his hands. So, he could no longer talk. They were vultures the lot of them.

The reason, he was involved, that he lost a few bets in Las Vegas. They choose to advise him of what he owed.What they would accept in place or it.  The deal did not sound like too much. Most of the others had done the same.

The people who were here, had a great deal of pull. The syndicate was involved by the force that was there, he knew that they were involved in a great deal of the criminal world that is here. They had things on every body.

He ran down the stairs to avoid being caught by them, he could hear them running down the stairs. He opened the door. TO step in front of two police officer, these two  officers he knew were on the take as well.  

Saying Thank you! For being here."

The bigger to the two said,"We are supposed to keep you alive and out of the reach of the other officers!"

"Is that right!"

"Yeah, it is right." the short one said.

He felt reassured by their presence there. They escorted hm to their car, they rode out with him TO hide the evidence, that he had non them. Their boss was not that impressed with their dealings. If they  could be expoxed,he wanted to do something about it.

The cruiser rolled off down the road. The mayor did not recognize any of this area. He was frightened by them driving him here, There had to be an explanation for this to have occurred.

They were in the industrial site. The whole section was littered with structures for manufacturing, and or packaging meat and produce. The cruise stopped at a door to one of these places. The mayor was no longer reassured that they had taken him here.

The End

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