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"You can not do this?" he snarled, "Look, I have paid the money to bring in my shipments as I always have. I have done this as have the other people here!"

Taubut declared,"Really, who else has done this?" as she flipped open her laptop to conseul it.  

"I do not know, all I know, is that my boss sends money to someone in this country.  To create the deal with which to allow the ships to come in here." The captian screamed back.

"How would you  feel about being put in the hold and live as they have too." Taubut suggested as she shoved him down into the hold. He fell head long in there. "What have they done to protect them?" 

Look at what you have done?"

"Do you wish to join him, if so, continue to argue with me>"

Jackson rode to the harbor, he and hsi news crew began to film, what they knew would be a very upsetting situation. Jackson walked towards the woman, whose picture he had been told to talk to. She looked formitable, and direct.  She was marching people out of ships through out the harbor, in handcuffs.  

Another officer put tape across the doors of these ships. There has to be another ship, that they were going to sieze.

Jackson asked,"What is going on here?"

It seems, that these ships have been in these waters and they have returned here each time with woman and girls involved in human trafficking. They were unable to do anything, but be removed at the crack of nightfall.  

Jackson shook his head, he could not believe it. The data Sadie had supplied them with. It was exact.  The fact of that the data was able to be proven to be true.  He wondered, why she has kept the data quiet. However he understood, why? There had to have been a reason he understood this.

The police also arrived there.

The mayor looked at the phone he was expecting a call, but it had not come in yet.  The money that he was supposed to have received, and the releasement of his family to their hands, these jackals stole them.

He waited for the phone to ring, it should have happened an hour ago. He was nervous due to the event that the call had not been made to him.  He did not know as to what they would bring in to his city.

SWeat poured from his brow as he wondered where the caller wats. What had happened? He drank his scotch there was ashtray teeming with cigarette ash, aad filters from them, the tray was over flowing with them, 

He reached for the phone. It rang.

"Tony get out of the office. The police are on their way?" Tony (the mayor) knew that voice, it was his deputy. Why would the police come here. He drew up his jacket to get out of here.

Hearing,"THis is the police. Open the door and step out of the office, you are going to be placed under arrest!"


The End

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