"Number of years behind bars."Mature

 "Who signed this waiver!" Taubut asked as she looked it over. It was one her heavy weights in the company, that had given the ship clareance to run humans into their city. It was benefical, to show just who was responisble for this actitivy.

She winced, as she looked it over. Her boss was going to livil about her showing up here and doing this.  The boss was  always a sticker for every thing being above board. If this was above aboard what was this.

Throw the rest of them in iron.

Her boss stormed into her office, "Just what the hell are you doing?"

"I am doing, my job."

"What do you want!"

"The vessel has your seal on it. Does it not?"

"What are you talking about."

"Let's check the next ship, that we have on the rooster!"

"What ship would that be?"

"Peer I-45."


"That is where I am supposed to go?"

Her boss looked afraid," if he did not know what was on that ship, why do you look so worried?"

"Stop him, from moving." Taubut declared, as he was about to run. "You are under arrest."

'If you decide to run  We will be forced to shot you." Taubut warned, 

He boss glared at them,  "This will not hold up in court room."

"Oddly enough, the document is signed by you. Can you deny it."

She walked aboard the ship, the crew looked concerned, as she  boarded  the ship.  "You can not do this, declared when he saw the man who had signed the waiver for his ship not being able to land here. He smiled, until he realized that his hands were secured behind his back. He looked defiant.

"Benjerman what are you doing?"

The troops walked down the companionway into the hold, finidng narcotics, and various drug paraphillia, there.  "They have enough here, to hold them for years here?"

"I thought we had made arrangements for this stuff to be brought here," teh captian snarled.

The End

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