human trafficking?Mature

Taubut here, What is it you want?"

Can you check these ships for me!

Will, do?"

"Wait a sec.  These ships have already passed cutsoms."

Forget what you have been told, about the ships I believe that you have before you on the peers"

"That is true!"

"What do you suspect is on them. narcotics and human trafficking!" Wheeler supplied,.

"I hope you  are right!"

She drew up her assault rifle and walked out the door of her room, grabbing a bullet proof vest and helmet, she did not know as to what Wheeler had just gotten her into.  He also sent her the same dispatch, that he himself observed.

"I want you to go with me, to the ships  that are in the harbor."

"We will do as  you suggest?"

They boarded the first scowl, the occupants were amazed to see them there, The captian looked at them with an air of confusion. He snarled,"Why are you here?"

We have been sent to search your ship! Captian," she declared

"I will not have this>"

"You are refusing!"

"We have the authority to board and search any vessel in our harbor."

"You do not?"

"Arrest him!"

The officers turn him around put him in handcuffs. They walk into below decks.  They open a door to the rooms below. They turned a corner in the chamber below. There was no sounds in this region.

They turned on their flash lights to see woman and girls there. They looked up and appeared frightened by what they saw there.

One of the woman said, in broken Gaelic, "We have to make it to Amercan. The ship has to make it there."

Where are you  from?"


"I have no idea as to what you are talking about?" the captian declared.

"You are not operating  a cruise ship! Are you?"

"No. Of course not!"

"Than I am placing you underarrest fpr this action.
"I have clearance. For this action."

"I am sure you did!"

"Look! Look!"

The End

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