"Where are you?"Mature

 Jackson looked at the screen as the data came forward from the computer internet flie.  He recongiszed it as being from Sadie.

 He drew up his phone and called,"Wheeler?"

"Wheeler here, is that  you Jackson."

"Where is all this coming from?" Jackson asked.

"It seems to be Sadie's files. Does it not?"


"What do you propose we do?"

"Call up your friends in the various agencies! I wouldif I was you?"

This will be mighty embarassing as this is in fact an elcetion year?"

 "Do you not know it!"


"Taubut here!" Wheeler said, "can you get a hold of the custom's branch>  At the harbor,"

Taubut looked about trying to see the docks, that were just outside of her windows. She worked for the coast guard been at it for years. Never desired to climb the ladder of promotion, she had seen a few of her cases thrown by the way side, the reason she did not understand. Perhaps, Wheeler had given her something she could use.

The End

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