"where in the hell did he go?"Mature

   The figure who said this, had  walked away or so we prayed.  It had gotten awfly quiet. We waited for a quite awhile.   Then  we decided to make a move out the door.  A door of three that were was closed. Jenny slowly eased open the door. She was at knee high in height now as she was still crawling on the ground.

 The others were hiding behind the door frames.

There came a roar of a launcher. The grenade flew like a bullet int9 the center of the room. The explosion ripped through the middle of the chamber, the blast had just missed us. Jenny looked up to see, the launcher being now opened to refill it. As soon as it clicked shut she fired a magnum slug int ots muzzle.

The launcher exploded.

There was a vehicle in the drive way. It looked like they were expecting trouble. We have sent them to their maker.

"The vehicle is probably stolen.  The evidence we had should have died with us. Did you do anything to protect it?" tab asked, she knew, that Rufus would not have dared to have do this. He probably sent the evidence out of the house to find someone he could rely on.

"I may be stupid, but I am not that stupid.' Rufus laughed as he said this.


At the police station,  Wheeler looked at the screen of his monitor, and saw<" What Rufus had sent off of Sadie's flash drive to him.'

He saw a the mayor talking  to someone he did not realize, was one of the top members of the Mafia, and the tongs.  Suggestions, that they could bring in what they desired if they paid him enough capital or to forgot what they had on him and his daughter,"

Wheeler could not believe what he was seeing.

The next file was money being transfered one suit case and the papers that suggested, the ships were clear of any thing illegal.  The mayor gave a woman the papers for the clearances.

The woman was responsible for the death of the man in the hotel room.  Wheeler did not know as to what to do about this matter. He was afraid of what she had stumbled in on. It would be quite a coup to do this.

Jackson might like to know this as well. It might work out to be more prevailent if they were to do something together.

They both knew people in various agencies. He had also received the data that some of these people were connected with the company, The CIA is the company, why did they have anything to do with any of this. 

The End

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