Various doors were opened, than in followed a series of grenades being thrown into the them.The sound of gun fire filled the room, from these other people that were there. They expected to see the door as it did.  The door eased open a black gloved hand threw in a grenade eased  the door closed.

   Th epeople in the room looked away from the doorway. The light illiminated the room, the smoke began to fill the room. The people there, drew their weapons to defend themselves.  Then Bullets poured into the room chewing up whatever was at waist height. 

 Darcy was calmly drew up the weapon of his choice,  He looked at the floor to see the  feet of the gun man. He fired the heavy cross bow bolt hits the target.   Tearing his prey's shins to pieces.

The others there heard a scream, as the gun man fell to the floor.  The bolt tore through his shins. The femur ruptured showering the room with its deadly shards.  He hit the floor with his knees, and lower abdomine, hit the floor. Darcy was unable to move from where he was until he would be able  to reload the cross bow.

Jenny drew out her COP, Looked at the person who was beside the figure who was shoot. She aimed at where she imagined his knees or her knees to be.  She held the pistol so, it would not to be stopped from hitting their targets. The pistol roared.  The figure was blown off of its  feet. She slammed his shoulder and head into the floor. She realized that he was  a she, wearing a helmet.  She knew the pain would be excursating.

They both were wearing a gas mask. 

Rufus recognized,  that they would possibly be bringing along with them someone holding chemical grenades.   Rufus saw a canister  grenade being rolled into the area. Rufus shot the canister.  It exploded, inches away from where it come from.  He saw the wrist and hand of the person who had sent the grenade their way. All he saw was blood all over the place.

The next shot will be to kill."  tab snarled ove rthe screams of the wounded.

"You think, I am a scared of you!"

The party did not see this figure. In the in suing silence, they heard the click of gernade launcher being loaded.

The End

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