WE have company? Coming?"Mature

   Someone got a lot of clout! We are going to catch him or her?" Tab suggested as she decideds she would go to town on the two of them. She got into the surveilance camera's that littered the inner city.  The tabs that  kept things in check. Jenny never even realized where they were. She realized, 'if she could do this, so to could they? I might have led them here!' She was frightened by that  potentail.

"I wish that you had told us you were coming here, earlier." Rufus told her, as he looked at her and saw the look on her face that revealed her fear. He stated to try and eleavate her fear by saying this,"Not to worry sis!"

   "What do you mean?" Jenny asked, as she looked at him

" I did my best to change where you went next." Rufus told her, The image was that of Jenny walking off the stoop and walked down the street.  She walked into a transit bus. The image dies there. Jenny lookedt him as if saying how did you     to that.

  "It is very easy?" IA was used to create this. we flapped a file log of you from time to time on the ocassion as you knew we have done this don't you!"

"Yes, but I never seen it actually done before!"

So, now you have.'

"HOw often have you done this," Tab asked.

"A few times, we lost tails doing this, prevented a homocide to two. BY doing this!"

"The only thing, that was what we have done to protect our people, But we are unable to pass true sight," Darcy said as he looked at Jenny and Tab. They really felt as though  they were out of his lead.

But taht was usuallly teh way it was with them ,both was why  jannie asked for him to come along, so in other wordsthis act will work until they board the transit vehickle or  I don't emerge from the transit, which I would not  able to do this.

A panel lite up. "We have visitors."


"they either boarded the bus or stopped the bus. It did not stop, so they had to have boarded the transit." Tab stated.

A computer showed four figures walking towards the door. "We have to protect ourselves."  Rufus stated as he  hit a light switch the room plummeted into a world of darkness. 

They heard the sound of bang flash grenade.

The End

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