"the company, "Mature

   Tab looked at the wallet, she looked at the documentation of the man, she smiled,"I know him, he works for the company? He usually works with a team of four.  They are specialist iN surveilance."

"The  company they are not supposed to work here. The bureau is supposted to work in the US. Not the   company!"  Jenny  suugested.

"they work with the givernment, I wonder why they are here?" Rufus said. 

" I do not know, but  I can find out!" Darcy suggested, as he took a seat beside Rufus' computer, began to pound away at the key board. Jenny watched and swore she did not see his fingers move. 

The monitor was covered in details.  The screen was filled with in a couple of haert beats.Jenny was amazed by  watch she was seeing there. Darcy slid away from the computer.  "Got it."

   Tommy Jason Motimor. Classed as a Seal.  Explosives, demolitions is the problem. . Right handed. Judo. Karate.Height Weight  Black hair, brown eyes, Torn a shoulder  out as adult.

Sandra Dee Angelo forward observer.  Height weight, anbedextorious, Blue eyes, black g hair. boxing and kick boxing.

Cathy Mcmicheals driver, speacilist in audio devices, and homing devices. Asiatic and mauletto Black hair, brown hair.  Kendo,Jusitsue.


There is no way we would see them, one would take over where the other one began the job. REsourceful is what they are.  If you see one youwon't have seen the other. How often have you been to the club, that you wandered into. Twenty years ago, a few of my old colleuges still work out of there. I have run into friend here and there from the establishment.

 "When did she start her investigation into this matter." Tab asked, drawing a cup of gin on the the rocks.

  "Two or three years ago."Jenny supplied.

   "You were in the country for about ten years, yourself." Rufus suggested. He knew whereshe had been out of the country, he arranged for her to do these things. Her work was clandestine in a matter of speaking. the way that she ran into her lover, was while being out of country. 

   The editor of her press company had arranged for her to work out side of the country in search of a group of people involved in narcotic and human trafficking. Jenny herself was and still is working on the behalf of interpol. But the agency muddied the water with her files, and documents. She was working for an agent who also headed a portion of that division of it.

    The agency knew that this was a mark that they would anticipate being used like that. The head operative found someone so vile, that they could not look away from the crimes, that he and his wife were orchestrating through out the world. They decided to offer to seize his property to stop him from doing anything else, and waved the charges over his head, unless he helped them do this.

What choice did he have, The agency brought in three select dancers to work there in his midst, however he did not know which ones were them, as in they brought them in by the boat load. He gratutiously accepted their offer.

The people were dancers, ladies of the evening and bodyguards that they brought in. That is how Jenny knew Darcy, and Rufus was the one whom they extorted to do this for them. The operation went over like a gun shot in pitch black chamber surrounded on all sides



The End

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