Darcy is here!Mature

        Darcy responded to the Email. "It might take Darcy some time to get here?"

    "Give me, two hours?" the email said.

     "I wonder where they are?" Rufus suggested

       "If it takes two hours! I do not have a clue!"

        "By the way,can you run this identifacation."

" Give me, a second!" After Jenny had gievn him the identifaction.


Rufus  heard a knock at the door two hours later, Rufus  had forgotten about the email.  He reached for his nuchuka's to protect himself he opened the door. A big man who looked to be about sumo wrestler, the doro wung open, a huge fist flew into the room, catching Darcy in the head, The nun chka was swungfor what should have been his lower adbomine. caught him there.

Jenny recognized him as Darcy, from the looks of this, they were liable to kill each other. Jenny drew his uzi which was hanging on the chair. She pulled the safety. Pulled the trigger it went off the bullets were spewing across the ceiling.

What the hell do you think you are doing?"

" This is how we usually react when we meet.  Do you not remember this fact. " Darcy said in his gruff voice as he stopped the battle that they were having to tell her to put away the hardwear,  

In the time it took him to look at her Rufus swept his legs out from under him. Darcy went down like a ton of bricks. 

"The next shot will be to kill!" a female suggested in front of them all.   This voice had come over ahead of Jenny, Jenny froze where she stood looked over at the speaker. Seeing a double barrel shotgun in her hands she was oriental, looked formitable. She was wearing leather pants, and blue blouse. She had pink lip stick, black eyeshadow, her hair is in comb. Five seven.  112 lbvs, well built.

 "Okay, okay." Jenny said as she put it down on the rug."No, I do not know this! When did I ever see you together,." 

   "Tab, this is Jenny!"  Rufus exclaimed, 

    "Jenny. this is Tab!" Darcy said.

     "Jenny nice to met you!"  tab reached out  and shook her hand.

    "Tab nice to met you, do you know how to handle that  gun." Jenny asked,

      Tab brought up, the shot gun opened the rifle the slugs full into her hands. She smiled confidently. "These rifles are a part of me! I was raised on gun powder and slugs." 



The End

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