Darcy is now called.Mature

   The boomer screamed in pain. 

 " Tell me!" the mexican warned, as he looked at the woman with the pistol.

  "I won't!" the bomber said

  "You will, when I am through with you. I promise you that." 

"No!" the bomber declared, his knee felt as though his knee was on fire.

"We will see, won't we?"

The intergation continues. until he does give her the information, she is seeking.  She than removes his stomach with a matchete. The scene is very graphic. There has to be an answer to this problem.  But what? 

Rufus looked at it, "we should turn this over to the police."  

      "The evidence was in their hands already, they did not suggest that had happened. They claimed Sadie crashed her bike, that was ruled  that she died in the crash. Not that she was butchered as she was. " Jenny stated, "But the coroner listed that  way!"

      "Jesus!" Rufus stated.

     "Who do you want to talk to?"

     "Darcy!" Jennie said, she knew Darcy, you mess with Darcy. YOu look for your teeth on the floor, and that is what is the beginning of the problem. The end there, is no end or mercy for that matter.Ever delivered by him.

       "You want Darcy, to be in on this!" Rufus warned

       "Yes!" Jenny suggested

      "You sure!" Rufus looked at her as if his ears were not working, he looked at her and waited for her to tell him, what she wanted.

       "I said, Yes!" Jenny implored 

        "It will be done!" Rufus replied.  Wishing he did not want top bring him in, the lady was in for a hell of a fight, if Darcy was involved, all kinds of hell would break loose.

        "Thank you!"

     Wheeler looked at Paul with a look of abject terror registering on his face.  Who could have been responsible for the canisters being lifted,  He worried as he looked over the scene her other guard was in the basement. He suffocated, thanks to the canister being used on him.  e

    He asked,  The MP to send him, the papers on the lose of the canisters. There was no listing of them being removed from the base or brought into the base,  He looked at the transfer document.  It had come from the base in Detroit.  

   The truck had been forced off the road.  It had an escort that was the best of the military support.  There was no mention of it happening on any Boloes. It was hidden by the GI files. How could this have happened to them.

The End

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