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      Wheeler had walked into his office, he knew something was wrong with the coroner's report. He might want to  have him removed from the office and bring in another officer to look into this matter for him.

Jackson, he knew, would be breathing down his neck.  To try and get him to find out the answer to this inquiry. There was, no way in which, they could not say it did not happen. The evidence was disheartening.

The neighbors reported  seeing the power truck that was there. They reported that it was there for twelve hours. That was when the guard was slain at the door. There was a residue in the rest of the home. That our chemists found was a chemical warfare apparatus. Whoever was here, they missed one such canister.  

"Where in the hell could it have come up from?" Paul Chambers sec. luite. disclosed," that he recognized the markings on the canister."

"It is a USA type canister, that the national guard has on hand in case we are attacked by our enmey. The canister is one that they use to train with." Paul called his attache in the Military Police unit. 

"That was a nerve gas canister. Where did you find it?" Sarge Simmins asked  as she looked over the documents, that listed their supplies. Sarge found that there were 14 of these were missing from the armory. Several years ago.  They suspected,"They had been miss placed on a training excersice."

"There are 13 more of them, that were lost. As well>"

"Why did you not tell us,this." Paul snarled.

"Well, they did not make an appearance,until now."

"How long will does the chemical disopate enough so as that there is or are not chemical inter action on humans."

"Eleven hours!"

Paul raced into Wheeler's office, "The canister is a nerve gas canister! There are thirteen of them  that are missing from the armory."


    Rufus waited an hour before the discussion began with the African American woman screwing on a silencer to a pistol Rufus did not know.   There was a big person who looked like a Mexican asked,"Where is your girl?"

    "Do you think, I am going to tell you?" the bronz bomber declared

   "You won't need your knees? Will you!" the questioner asked.

  There were four figures here, one the African American woman, that Ruffus recognized she drew up her pistol blew off his right knee with a round. It sounded like a clap of thunder. 

"I want you to tell me? Do we understand each other, now! Or do I do your other knee.."






The End

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