"No one claimed responsibility for these deaths.Mature

No one had claimed responsibility for these deaths.

 " Wheeler can you tell us who killed Sadie Williams?" a reporter asked, as did another.

   Wheeler knew it was best to just simply walk away from them; he to do agree with the way this case was being handled. He had not disclosed the death of Benj, nor would he like too. The problem with the dead, was something, he was could not expect for the press and the media not to make it into a three ring circus.

   He said, “No comment.'

   One reporter suggested, “If it was one of yours, what would expect us to do, turn around and walk away. Would you?"

   "That is not the case here?"

"She was one of ours. So, it is indeed the case?"

 "Answer the question; like a man?"

   "No comment."

   Jenny looked afraid of what she had found here. The discs were just the tip of the ice Berge. Her love was the Titanic.  She had hit it head on. Her ship had sunk. She did not like what she was feeling

  Rufus looked at Jenny; he looked at the Mon that monitors screen that showed the mayor talking with the African American woman. That was seen seeing the man who was allowing Sadie to use the place as her residence. In the background she saw

Jenny saw the same truck as the one that was on their street, she had seen it in all the flash drives that Sadie had arranged for her to see.


Ruffus suggested, “She is Tammy Muckila >”


“You know her?” Jenny asked, her interest had now perked up, how could eh know of her. Where had he heard of her?’


“Know her no. No of her; yes!” Ruffus supplied.


 “What do you know of her and why?”


“She is a top notch merchant. She kills only a select number of people, for a price, that is unreasonable to most. She can give you, whatever you want?” Ruffus said as he picked away at his collar of his business shirt.


Jenny stared him as if she had just seen a zombie or something like that. So, she was a top notch assassin. She wondered, “Did she work alone or with others.”


She I think, uses I think others in her band of killers. They do not get caught with their pants down, until now. They are not stupid nor is he.


“Is there, an audio with this?”


“I think, Sadie, would have gotten it.”


“This was a setup, just for her.”


“Why would they set her up?”


“Why indeed.”


The End

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