Murders in a similar way long ago.Mature


The police stations had figures trying to find out what had happened to Sadie. The press was aware of the bike being shoved off of the road, some of the press knew the other details, they would not let them to continue on this way forever, the question was raised in the police station.

Wheeler knew this as Sadie’s father had top exhume the body to identify her. The cloth had fallen away to show her stomach. And the damage done to it, by someone aside from the crash

The crash could not have caused this much damage there. It looked as though she had gone into a skid and never recovered from it.  The crash was more than likely enough to have killed her. Timothy wanted the police to look more seriously at it. Her father has a lot of sway in the political wrangling of the city.

He was well aware of whose bread was buttered first. Tim could be a tremendous help or hindrance. Wheeler did not want to muddy the waters that were before him. He would have loved to have been able to see where Sadie had gone, who she saw and what she knew.

Her laptop was not servable, it had been wiped clean.  He felt he knew that someone had their hands in the water that should not be there. The fount was blood filled, and the hands were covered in blood.

Wheeler waked into his office cursed, ‘the stupidity of the matter. They should have allowed her to have died in the crash. They wanted the answer to the question she knew as he did, if she gave it up.  They would sooner kill her than let her go. Why put her friends and family at risk, she was a reporter.

She knew what she was doing; she did the courage of a lion, the wiseness of the owl, which was why she had used a friend of hers to allow her to stay out of sight.

However, this person or persons silenced where she had been staying at.  She did not return there, after finding his body there She left the scene to no doubt stay alive.

We found bugs in the apartment, the type you listen too. For them to determine when to strike, back. If there was only him there, then he or she or they could do as they pleased with him, until they got rid of him.

These murders were similar to murders long ago. There was stack of people that had been done in the same way. They stopped for five years.  Now, they have started again.

The End

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