Where did she go?Mature

Where did she go?

     Wheeler was upset, looking over the new crime scene. There had to be an answer to this problem. HE knew that Sadie had not died from the crash. She had been dead for three hours before Jenny had come to find her. 

    He also agreed with Jackson, that there was no way in which she was able to do anything on her bike, with her fingers being broken and have her gutted by a large knife.  There was no way she could have done this. He pointed it out, but the coroner looked at him as though he was mistaken.

   The body was like that of the one who had been found in his house, that she had used as a residence for her to live in; while she investigated the case. It made sense, why did the coroner say that she was killed in the crash. 

Rather than say anything that would expose that there is a discrepancy in his file, of her death.  It was as if he felt he could not be questioned of this effect. There had to be a reason for this.

But he could not think of this. He had put someone on the coroner’s tail.  He had someone wiretap his computer to find out why this was done.

The computer tech showed him, the file that was there. It showed him, pictures of his boys and girls also a few of his wife. If you allow the agency to know, what has happened to her.

We will have to do the same to them as her. Understand?

Now, Wheeler thought, I know.

He tried to have the computer that had sent the file found. However he was unable to find it, because it danced from place to place, outside of the country even.

“Who knew who was investigating this case.

Where was Jenny?  The power crew that had cut the power were also not in sight.  The vehicle had been stolen from where it should have been. The power crew were looking for the vehicle as well  as his own people.

He knew that she could handle herself.

The End

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