What the flash drive revealed?Mature

What the Flash Drive Revealed?

  Ruffus had walked her into a room. It looked like every other room that was there. It had in it; a computer that looked top of the line,which Jenny did not doubt. Handed him the drives,"Thank you!"

   "anything for you, sprout  and your lady!"   Ruffus answered  

    he inserted the drive into the computer, turned it on. The driver was encrypted. She handed the address book to him. He smiled as he looked it over. Punched in the one, that he thought was the code, that would allow him inside the drive.

  The screen lit up.The reason, you are reading this.  I know is because I am dead. I take it you are with Ruf. I know, he is the one you trust as did I.  The details; I was investigating were involving the mayor and the deputy mayor. 

Ruf can give you recordings. That I had sent to him, to hold in case, someone got to you. Ruf was a man no one could bribe, to gain the data.  I did not know what they were capable of doing. 

I expected  them, to kill me. It was a certainty that they would try and do this. Someone has the medical examiner in their pocket.  You will no doubt see my body. After the examiner has had a look at me. If I have been gutted like my ex,  you will   know that I was slain by the same person who did him in. 

It seems that certain people want this story quashed. They had sent my editor a picture of his teen age daughter. Suggesting, "That they would take her, if the story goes to print." He refused to see me, but he sent Malist to give me, what they gave him. I think it was in hopes of me giving up my story.

There was a set of pictures attached to this one of her. The pictures showed woman that had been brutalized. There was a suggestion, that this would happen to her as well. The editor knew, he could not go to the police. If he did, they might take her, and maybe his young wife.

I was afraid, that this person would do this to her. I told him, "I quit!" To get the heat off of his family, he knew why I had done this. Jackson knew,  I would not give up on the story that was I was working on.

He told me, to be careful.  From the looks of this, I was not.


The End

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