"Where is my contact?"Mature

 Jenny decided she might as well follow her follower.  Maybe they would lead her to the answer she was seeking, "That  being who killed  her girl? She could guess why?"  It no doubt had to do with the stuff of the drives. She checked her pocket.  To be sure, they would not fall out along the way.  

   The followers looked at the mass in the can, found that they had been dubbed. Whirling about to try and see her. She had lost three inches, her hair was still,the way it had been going in here, but it was hid under a fedora. She smirked at them and advanced towards them.  

Noted a bulge in one of their pockets, that was not a police  baton. She felt, she knew it was a gun.  She put on some cosmetics; it would not help if they got to close. However from a distance it would help.  She sauntered towards them, putting a little more bounce in her step. Came towards them.

They did not look at her twice. The fish they were pursuing they had lost. They looked nervously about trying to find something or someone they might be able to make talk, in here.

Jenny got within a good view of them, they did not seem to be aware of her. Jenny noticed anold friend of her's from the last time, she had been in the neighborhood. She looked at her, and winked. Jenny knew, she had recognized her.

Jenny would have to disappear, but how?

The woman who recognized her, advanced towards her. Throwing her arms out to encircle her in them. Her name was Sasha, the last time, she was here.  She was working as a dancer here.  The pay is so, so.  But the tips are what had made this, what it had been in its hay day, the tips were whatever was cooked, shot or smoked.  The owner turned a blind eye to this.

Jenny knew, looked across at the two. They looked as though they were out of place and they were. It could have been that they did not know about me. Being one of these people that worked in  this trade.

'I will have to look into them at a later date. There had to be away to get my point across, that they will have to be a warning like a shot across the port bow. I will make them pay for this and what they done with her lover. Her story will not die; not if I continue to look for the information that I have to find. I know where to look, don't I?' Jenny thought.

They knew, whose palm to grease, or who could be blackmailed into not doing anything about it.  Jenny did not know, if the old owners were still here, but she knew where to look to find them.

"Sasha! How have things been? I have two on my ass." Jenny warned  as she walked up to petite lady carrying with her a cocktail. Sasha looked at her, she seemed afraid of what she was seeing. There had to be away to to do this, she knew, about the murders of her friends. Sasha knew, who Sadie was? She was afraid of  the matter, that they were there to dispose of them.

"Do not worry, the cops. Do not work here!" Sasha whispered back, as her head lay nestled in the crack of her breasts, and looked into her eyes. Winked at her.

"They ain't cops." Jenny replied as she pressed her head there, Sasha was only 5"1, 120 when she had last been here.  C cup, it now looked like a D. Her breasts were her big selling point. However did not look good.  She put on alittle weight, hell a lot of weight.

Sasha stepped back and cried, "where is my contact?"

Jenny knew, she did not wear contacts.  Would never? Hell she was half blind with her specs on, which she always put in her purse, and would leave it where ever she last was. Sasha pointed at the door marked girls.  Jenny had ran there, as Sasha walked towards the two, looking as though she was blind without them. Mumbling under her breath loudly enough to be heard by any one  near her,"I lost my contact."

The End

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