"Where has she gone?"Mature

     "What do you want?" Wheeler stated as he looked  at Jackson, it looked like they were going to have a hell of a time to do this, in stopping Jackson from seeing him.

     "You know what they done, they allowed the murder to walk away from the house, where Benj lived?" Jackson snarled as he looked at Wheeler who walked down the stairs to see him/

  "No one, was aware of the problem!" Wheeler suggested.

    "What do you mean?"

     "Just, what I said!"

    "He must have called you?" Jackson  supplied,

   "I am afraid I have no idea, what you  were talking about?"  Wheeler than remembered that he also saw the number of the police line.  However there was Sadie Williams' body to colaborate the belief.  That they were unable to do this either.

He had to agree with him, but they did not receive any calls from there. So, they did not know anything about this, until Jenny called them.


   Jenny meandered about in the club, it was a sex club.  She had long locks of hair. She decided to take off her clothing, walked into an area where there were clothing for the patrons to wear.  It was not free. But it had been away to change appearances, since a long time ago.

  Jenny looked about to find a pair of sequined silver shorts and a silver silk blouse, also gathered a black sequined jacket.  She would have to get her hair cut, next. She wanted a bald look, they would be expecting her to have her hair in wig, or cut and perhaps a dye, but this would be something;  they would not expect.  Would they?

She thought confidently to herself.  Dumped her purse. In the change room. Whoever was looking for her, would not be expecting this, she thought. When she stepped out into the corridor that was where the booze was readily availible.  People here were occupied with making out, more than anything else.

  She disgarded her shoes, to reduce her height by three inches.  She shook out a cigarette with which to smoke. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone she recognized vaguely on board a few of the subways she rode today.

  The woman and a man who had been following her, when she left the subway must have been fallowing her, but how?

 She watched them head towards where she had dumped her clothing.  They may have planted a homing device on her, but how? Where could they have done this?

She slipped up to them, they did not see her for who she was now. Her height was reduced thanks to removed her hi heels to wear a pair of flats, She bumped the male with her hip, slipped her hand into his pocket, felt his wallet there.  Drew it out of his pocket, She slipped away from them both as they looked at the mass of crumpled clothing that lay on the floor beside the bed where two or three people were making out on. 

The End

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