"I want to see Wheeler!"Mature

     Wheeler looked over the file of the body guard of Sadie Williams and Jenny.  He had been tranquilized, ether was in his blood stream. There was a reside about his nose and his cheeks were with the ether.  

    He did not like the looks of this.  There were several things that did not make sense, why  was the power down on this building.  He had them looking into what had caused this problem. There was a listing, that there had been a power crew working here. At least that was what was documented by Benj. He even wrote down the license plate numbers of the truck and the name of the crew that was there.

   Yet when Wheeler drew up the statement from the company,  There was no mention of them being here. But that was not possible for him to do this.  The mention of this happening, did not make sense to him either. If they were not there.  Who was?" Wheeler wondered, as he looked at the sheet.  That described by them, the officers who were there.  

   "What was the cause of this?" he asked as he looked at the officers. The loss of power did not make any sense.  Unless they desired to do this to kill Jenny and the rest of his house. That was the only thing,that made sense.  

  They had no clue.  However they did suggest that he been right.  Someone cut the power to his building. The cause was not known.  Who had this kind of power? Who could a range this? 

   He sent in his techs to look it over, found that someone  spliced the power lines to the building. Someone had a great deal of knowledge to do this. Did he have any pictures of the vehicle that was here, and where its occupants had come from to shut off the power.

There was a mention that Benj called,"The electrical company, that  was responsible for hydro."  At least the number was the same, as the one he should have dialed to speak to them. When Wheeler talked to the company, they told him.  They did no receive his call. They offered him, their records of calls made by the public to speak to them.

  There was no mention of the call, in the books or logs. Wheeler found this was troubling.

   He knew, he had to look into this matter to stop Jackson walk all over him.  He was breathing down his neck as it was, Jackson was her editor, he had tried to stop her from digging to deep, but she felt that if the writers of All of the President's men.  Could not be stopped. She was going to do the same thing here.

    The politicians be damned!

   Jackson stormed into the police station.  Demanded "I am here to see Captian Wheeler!"

    The desk sargeant looked at him, as if he had lost his mind, he recalled when he had come in here before.    Wheeler heard his voice explode from the atrium. Wheeler headed down the stairs to stop the bear of a ma that was there, screaming He got a hold of Captian Wheeler, he grabbed him, tried to pry his head off of his shoulders.

     His luietnant was able to have him  release Wheeler. By pulling his gun and pressing the muzzle into his neck.  Jackson released  him as he did this.  

    Jackson screamed,"Who killed Benj? And Sadie?

.   Wheeler declared,"I am here. What is it you wish to know aside from that matter."

    "I am only interested in finding this out, Can you help me!"
     "As am I."




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The End

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