The number in the pack of smokesMature

The Number In The Pack of Smokes

 Jenny put the key in her bra, drove all over the place trying to shake a potental tail.  She felt as if she was being watched. Someone was putting her in vice, someone wanted her love to stop looking for into this, but she would not listen.

   Jody remembered, getting the package from the police, they did not look into the number. The name on the number was one that her lover had mentioned. Jenny did not know why he had that number on the smokes. 

She opened the box, after going through the usual bull shit to get this done. She eased open the box, held her breath, she did not know what to expect to see here. She found a number of flash sticks. These held whatever Sadie had worried about falling into anyone's hands, but those she trusted.

They were listed with a number on them, they looked out of sequence, and she knew they would be. She had told her, that these would be out of order, if no one else looked into it, The flash drives, were encrypted so, no one but her would be able to get into them. There were seven of them.

The number was the same as the opened package of smokes that her husband had with him. That she had thought to be a telephone number, but now she realized it was not. She slipped the drives into her purse. Being careful not to disrupt the order.

There was an address book in the box, too. She opened the book, to find no names just initals and numbers. She knew that the numbers were reversed, as were the intials. So, if anyone found it, they would be unable to make head or tails of it. Also a set of credentials she had made up years ago. They were fake, they had been made up for a time long ago, when her first lover objected to her seeing anyone other than her.

She had to go to another place, to see what Sadie has to show her; after her death. The cards were up to a limit of 5000  dollars, she had three of them. The fake identity would have to be memorized for her to use them.

She walked over to an ATM to remove funds from her account to be able to rise the limit of the cards.  She was able to have herself fallowed by using her cards.  She met a homeless woman, gave her the cards that had been hers.  Until today.

Wrote down her numbers for the woman to use.  She walked to a picnic table, dropped her car keys there, at the abandoned picnic table. She had written on the keys her license plate, walked away from it.

Saw someone who had been near her quite awhile ago. This person seemed to be following her. she would have to dump him. But she would like to know who he was? Who he was working with? She would need top know.

  She felt someone was watching her.  She chose to go into the subway, to try and lose the tail.  Boarded the rail and walked to the rear of the car, stepped off of it at the last stop.  Boarded another rail, doing this several times over. She felt she had lost the tail.

    Walked into a club, she had not been in for a dogs age.  The place had always been a dive, and it had not changed much while she was away.  The card said, "Sab Turner" That was going to have to be her new name.

The End

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