"what do we have here?"Mature

            She had heard the sirens of the police cruisers as they arrived there. She waited for them there. She heard,"Jenny? Where are you?  This is the police!" ]

           After hearing this Jenny screamed to be heard over the thunder that roared like a lion,   "Stop right, where you are?"

             The officers turned to look into the foyer, panning their flash lights to see, who had said, this. Each were reaching for their hand guns. They saw her wearing a jacket to keep the rain off of her. she looked white as a sheet.

               Jenny looked at them both, they looked as she herself would, and probably had upon finding him dead in her foyer. SHe thought that they had been the assassin. Here she was with her pistol pointed at them and theirs at her. "I am going to put my pistol down, why do you not do the same!"

        "Who are you?" they asked in unison, they seemed a little more at ease when her derringer arrived on the floor. 

         "Jenny is my name, This is my home.  I would like to know who you are?"

        "So, you are the one who called us in? What else did you contimumatte with your figure prints and your walking through the place." the taller of the two said, he was pretty good looking Jenny thought, enough of that. I will have to be careful, to stay alive. "Dennis Care, homicide.'

               "We have to wait for the team to gather up the fornesics of the case." the other suggested, he was developing a pot belly a bit of a slouch. Putting away his nine millimeter colt automatic. "I am James Made!"

        His partner lit a cigarette with his lighter as he stepped back the fornesic unit arrived,  the first one there looked at him with disgust.  "Flithy! If you have do that, do it away from the evidence!" she advised, "I am NIcki, and you are?"

       "Jenny Williams.  I own the house!"

        "Nice place, how much did it cost you!" the lean male said, as he pulled out a pad to write it on.

        "I got it on an inheritance from my father?" she stated, 

         "Did we not check your place a few days ago." Nicki asked

           "yes. you did."

            Jenny decided she had better not be around here. So, she went to the car climbed into it, She had the key, to the box it was as it always was. ticked away in the wheel well of the car.

    '"  No one, knew where they lived." Sadie told me repeatedly,' well it looks like they do. Sadie, They do indeed know this' Jeny told herself as she looked at her home, 

       "Well from the looks of this, whoever they were they knew where we lived. The tip                    off should have been when the police found her ex husband. murdered.  He was                       killed on the wrong side of town.  He would not have been down there any reason.                   Knew the risks he was taking going there.  

       However his body was found at home. He did not smoke, always had a pack in his                   pocket. So, he could ease the tension that he was feeling.  When talking to co                             workers, he was an attorney, well paid. More than a little knowledgible about the                  criminal elements here.


The End

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