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  "Captain!" Jen said, she was trembling with fear; having realized that the security camera should have the murder or murders on it she slipped inside. Being careful not nudge the body of Benj or step on the floor to damage the evidence left behind by the assassin.  She stepped passed the body, drew out a COP it is a magnum derringer, two barrels. This baby can  stop a moose. She felt reassured by holding it in  her hands.  She closed Benj's eyes with her fingers. She could not allow him to continue to look at her, like that.

She knew, where the camera's feed went in the basement, just past the rug on the floor. Its edge was hid by end of the rug, that should be upon a wall as it is a Turkish tapestry. She stepped on the hinge that would allow it to go down into the  basement. The stairs appeared, that she would have to walk down.

 "Yes, Jen!"  Wheeler said, as he looked at the phone he noted that her voice sounded as though it was filled with fear, like she had been thrown into a water filled with a man eating shark.

   "Someone killed Benj," she said as she turned to  look over her shoulder to see  the dead guard, he was the strongest and fastest with his hands. No one could beat him, that was what he claimed, Well someone did. just who she did not know. She brought her hand up to her mouth to conceal the pain she is feeling about this matter. Her sobs were barely audible. She hit the light switch it did not come on.

    "How could anyone kill him?" Captian Wheeler asked as he heard her voice break and come into his ear, he wished she was here with him as he looked about the office trying to imagine how he would comfort her. Her head would rest on his shoulder as he felt the pain that she was feeling. To soothe what she was feeling there, the camera had been turned so he could see the body.

       "His stomache had been removed, someone broke all his fingers."

    Wheeler knew where he had come from.  Knew the training that he been given before he had done this.  He was trained in hand to hand combat, short range weapons and long range too.  He called him the bronz bomber. 

   How could someone kill him, did not know who could do this.  He did not know nor could he rationalize this. What had Sadie walked into, why did she not listen to him.

'I will send the homocide division, to check in on you." Wheeler advised, he wondered why it was that dark there. She might have had enough sense to not to disturb the crime scene. That could be why she was doing this.

 "Thanks," she replied to him reaching the bottom of the stairs to turn on the lights there.  They did not turn on.  Why? She pondered as she looked about in the room, where the computer was hooked up. She walked over to the fuse box, and hit the switch to turn it on. It was turned on, but it was not producing any energy. she walked to  the emergency generator.  That was hid behind a mirade of boxes that were there.  Pulled the crank.  The engine coughed into life. The light illuminated the room.

Being careful not to disturb anything that or could be called evidence as she looked at the camera's that recorded every detail of anyone entering the place. She walked effortlessly towards the computer room where the camera's mother lode would be. .  The computer's tray were the disc that would have been used to record what ever happened here, was gone

"Give them a few minutes to get there? Okay?" Wheeler suggested

The car  would be here shortly.How could they know  about that.

The car arrived;  out stepped two officers. They looked priss and trim.  Found the door wide open.  They saw prints walking across the rug, thanks to the mud that was outside of the house.  The officers looked about for Jennie,they did not see her anywhere. but were seeing the body in the entrance way.  Kindle knelt down to look at the body that was there. He lifted the collar to check the body His  partner took out a camera to take  a couple of shots of his dead body.

Jenny heard,what she was not sure of, but it sounded like, "This is the police. Stop right where you are." Wheeler brought the boys here, good.

One of them heard a sound. They turned towards the door way, which was concealed in the floor.  Mikeal drew his revolver and looked at the floor, with a rugs edge to rise. Jennie came out of there, looking shocked. Jenny touched a knob, the floor descended into where she was.

The End

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