Jenny found her door ajar.Mature

Jenny found her door ajar

The corvette tore through the streets. She slowed her car as she swivered to get here. Her headlights lit the street, the storm was still blowing, The water lashed the windseild like a man being flogged to death. The rain masked the street with darkness. Her hands clutched the wheel as she made her way home. she checked  her mirror on the occasion to see if she was being followed.  She did not see anyone behind her on the street, mind you, it was busy right now on the thru fare. Her head lights splashed across the door to her place. The door looked like it was not closed. Why were the street lights lit and her houses lights weren't.  That was odd.

THe dooe always had a police chain on it, she never left the house, without putting it in place. Her security would be  awaiting her return to the house. There were two of them, specialists in security both. The guards would be awaiting her arrival there. They surely would not have forgotten to lock it or leave it ajar.

She knew  she would have locked it. She was not that naive, as to leave her door ajar. The place had a security system in place along with her bodyguard, as it was an area that had been looked over by thieves as it was upper class residental district.  Knowing the police did already serve her with a search warrant for the evidence and the documents that she had come up with for her story.

Jenny remembered the phone calls that had accompanied Sadie while working this story.  Sadie had a ranged t o have the phone checked, as if someone was phoning her and leaving nothing behind on it. The calls were random times.When trying to place the caller, there was no way in which to trace it, she found out they been bounced through out the city and world.

Sadie decided to use Sam's  as a place where she would reside there,  When working  on a story of this magnitude she did not want any harm to come to Jsnny, so she could ill afford to use her residence. Sam had been a long shore man. He was not one to walk away from a fight. He had a record as long as your arm in regards to all out brawling.  He to was having similar phone calls to his home.


 The man she was supposed to have been staying with had been beaten too a pulp. He was  big man, it would have taken a great deal of violence to stop him.  The calls were with no one on the other end of the line. He told her, he was worried. These calls were made through out the day and night.

The day that he had been beaten up, she had gotten a call, at the same time of night as the others.  However in this case, she heard someone screaming, for mercy. Pleading.  Begging for mercy.  At the end of the call was a ominous voice that said,"Get off the story! We know where you live.  We know, you do not live at Sam's! Do you Sadie?"

Sadie had a device to allow the person to know who was calling them. That portion was not availible for this.  She was afraid of finding out the information.  When Sadie realized that it might have been Benny. The man whom she had put up a facade with to cause anyone who was after her.  Would go to him to find out who they were to stop the investigation.

They found him, in his room.   With his knees busted, fingers were all broken. Each knuckle popped and shattered like a wine glass thrown from a hundred feet to pavement below.  There was a dvd with his mutilation on it. 

There were three people involved in his injuries.  His place was like Fort Knox, security all over it.  They were unable to find anyone that had gone into his home. Yet they did have the proof that this had happened to him.

There was a African america woman who had been with him. Sadie did not recognize her. Jenny looked at her and had a vague recollection of her from some where in her past. From where and when she did recall,

 Jenny slipped up to her house's door, it was indeed open, but for a hair's breath. Touched it. It opened further. It should have stopped way before this, there was the police chain.  Enaged in it, it was always secured there.  That is secured to it at all times.

Unless the guard decided to let someone inside. There was no one he would have let inside, now.

 In the entrance way was one of her security officers, gutted like a pig.  He sat there with his hands at his sides, legs were spread, it looked like he fell that way.  He was still alive, there was a scent that she could not place on his breath.  He was without his fire arm.  There was  red oval on his cheeks, chin and his nose. Blood ran from his face.  He did not recognize her. He did not look like he was having his senses with him.

Someone was vicious. They knew what they were doing.  She drew up her cell phone called the police to come to her home. She was afraid, they might still be here.

The End

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