The proof, that has been supplied to Jenny.Mature

  Jenny grit her clean teeth, kicked the stone, as wincing as she did this, walked towards the silver corvette that was her's since her divorce from the Fucking Jerk Michael.  The car was the only good thing about him.

 She knew what Sadie had been working on; even though she categorically denied her knowledge of the story that she had been working on, but knew that answer to this matter it was where she had come from that Sadie was digging into it. The details were going to be doing be very upsetting to the people who were ruling the city.

 Jenny needed a drink. A good strong drink, to curb her fear from getting the best of her.  She had not gotten a drink to steel her nerves which were still vibrating with tension she was feeling.  

 Having found her lover's body on the deserted road way. The body had appeared to have been thrown into the pavement going at a very high speed.  The skid marks suggested that she was not under control as she had fallen from the bike.  

 The bike had lost one handle, and the kickstand was gone too.  The gas tank had ruptured and spewed gas all over the pavement.  She slid across the road to crash into the wall of the concrete embankment.  Her shoulder had been dislocated.  The arm had been stripped of flesh and bone, her elbow was no more.  Her thigh was also cleaned of bone and flesh it was as though they had been put into an acid bath. 

Her leather jacket was zipped closed, there was blood running from the jacket to cover her pants, she wondered, why?

 Jenny had been given a phone call telling her to go there. To this street at this time of the morning. 500 hours.  "Sadie told me to call you.  She is at the corner of Empress and Trev.  She needs to see you. "

Jenny asked, "Who are you?"


A gruff male voice said, “That does not matter.  Does Sadie mean anything to you?"


She said, “Of course."

"Come here." the speaker stopped speaking. She heard him draw his breath.


"Fine!" she grumbled.


 "If you want to see her?"

The phone hung up.  There was no picture, so that meant it might have been from an old rotary phone, or the person chooses to cover the camera’s lens.  


Jenny raced out to her car, tore off down the road.  To see her love. She floored the gas pedal and took a few turns on two wheels.  She did not know why she had not heard from Sadie instead of this voice. Who was that person?  This area was the area where industrial sites were.

Sadie would not be here, she had no reason to be. 

When she took the turn to arrive on the streets that were mentioned she saw the bike laying there a blaze. Her lovers' body was strewn across the street; her helmet lay beside her body.  Blood and rubber lay across the street, to the fire hydrant.

Jenny made a phone call. “Hello, Chris."

New York Police Station, This number is for Chris Wheeler Captain special investigator.  I am not at the phone, at the moment I may be on another phone or at the desk investigating a case. How may I help you?"


"Shit, his office number. I need his home phone!  Also I have to get a hold of her boss." Jenny suggested into the phone.  She approached the body of Sadie. She knew that Sadie always sent a package each day to herself in a safety deposit box. That was, how she felt she would be safe.

As would her family.








The End

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