The Death of Sadie WilliamsMature

A murder of a journalist. The reaction of the paper and the police in the city of Gotham. The journalist was gutted and killed while working on a story, that she had been told to forget the story leave it alone.
You do not know what you have on your hands. There are several people who want you to leave it alone. Friend. Get away from it before it consumes you.

The DEATH of Sadie Williams

     Lightning lashed the sky; rain ripped and tore through the sky to wash the streets clean and clear of the remaining mess that was on the street. Wind tore away at whatever it could remove with its taloned fingers in disgust. Newspapers and litter covered the road and pavement with the remainder of the day’s garbage. God showed how he felt about this matter, by his doing this.   

     However that did not truly remove the garbage as it worked in the offices of the government, and the police; Everyone  was afraid to speak out against them for fear that this might happen to them, too.  The grave was deep gaping hole as was the wound that ended her life.  Someone gutted her like an elk.  

   Standing there allowing the earth and soil to fall through her fingers, over the coffin of Sadie. Her friend Jenny swore she would not let go of the problem of that allowed Sadie to be slain.  She knew the investigation was going to be frightening. The people she was investigating did not like premise of doing this.

   Jackson her editor tried to tell Sadie to stop what she was doing?  However she would not listen to him.  She did not care his chauvinistic ways, as she was a journalist; wanted this story. It did not matter, what he told her to do.  my love would not listen to him; this was what he was afraid of. He did not in vision her to have done this or the people she was investigating to slay her.

There stood the gaggle of reporters and police who were so, interested now in her life.  Beforehand she was told to lay off the story.  She was a sexy young lady; her interests were brought to the attention of the people who were going to help her in her interest in this affair.

Capt. Wheeler looked at her mahogany coffin. She was gutsy.  He was not being able to protect her; this was what he expects to have them do this. He was crying, he knew her family. They too were here.  How could he console them, he had told Sadie to leave it alone.

Jenny rubbed her toe into the water that had run off of the head stone. That made Sadie's grave, she was not a happy woman, and she was Sadie's girl.  They had been together for years. Sadie told her to go to the police for protection or this matter of her abusive employer; you did not cross him and live.  Jenny was a shapely young lady, who worked the underside of the world that was filled with darkness and fear.

  Jenny recalled,

           'was the one who found her, beside her fallen bike.  The bike collided with a fire  hydrant as it had been forced off the road.  She always had been  a  cautious  driver staying  where she had to be safe the middle of the lane.  


         From what the police were able to determine, she went into a skid and that was how Sadie arrived there.  The burned rubber of her tires verified that statement. The                            speedometer was at 110 mph when it crashed .

        There was no sign of another vehicle on the road, other than the paint  scrapped on the handle of the bike's other side where it did not possibly  or  could not encounter the road.  There should be a sign that this had happened to the car, or to the truck. whatever it was that caused her to do this.

                The road was as dry as bone, when she crashed. Sadie would not have been on this road at this time of night or durying the day.  This was an area of the  city that would  be industrial center, and this was not in any way what Sadie  had been interested in.  Her investigation was involving the politic arm of the city and what Jenny had been involved in.

              Sadie always had a camera and a tape recorder with to use as proof to verify  the story.    Her purse was gone as was her camera.Someone curved out her   oral cavity and guts.  The body had been roughed up, beaten to a pulp.  Her  right hand had her digits snapped and crushed, all of them separately.


           She died as a result of the crash. That was what they told Jenny. She knew, there was, no way, she could possibly ride her hog.  With one hand having been broken in that way.  Sadie's fall would have destroyed her leg, and arm, but not what had been done to her innards, unless her guts where on her arm or leg, but they were not.

   Jenny was weeping openly; she had sworn to herself that she would not allow this story to end here.

'Only, if Sadie had listened. She might still be alive.' Jenny thought to herself, she had the discs that her love had given her a day before her death. She had them. The police were asking questions, that she did not want to be asked.  She wanted to see these discs, first.

Sadie was looking in the guts of the city, its bowels and wanted to surgicaly remove  the diseased flesh and cut it with a sabre.




The End

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