Diary of a Troll Trainer - Day 7

Today was really exciting! Golomut came and told the tribe that we have to go out on patrol again! It won’t be anything very dangerous, mostly just around the borders like last time to make sure that the White Skins didn’t be stupid and try and set another camp up near our mountains. I will never understand why they won’t stop trying. They keep getting beaten but they just keep coming back. Maybe they like it? Maybe they like fighting more than we do, because if we get beat that much we just leave it alone unless the One Giant All Seeing Tower Eye tells us to. You don’t not listen to the One Giant All Seeing Tower Eye. Personally, my opinion is that the White Skins have too many people in their tiny cities and send out the extra’s to cull their numbers. That way they can also kill a few of us in the process… it’s cruel but efficient in a scary sort of way.

Anyways, Golomut told us we’ll be leaving early in the morning before the Scorcher rises; so that we get to the Stinky pass before it’s too lighty. We’ll wait there for the day and then move down the other side of the mountain that night. After that the tribe will split up into different groups and search the area. It sounds normal but this time we have a special item with us! Golomut showed us a few horns he’d taken from our last attack. They’re not normal horns either. They’ve been hollowed so that when you blow into it, they make a loud noise. Golomut says that the White Skins use it to call each other. And now we’ll be able to use to it to make them come to us! He had three of them and said that he’d given them to smaller captains once we split up.

He also said that we have to bring our Troll pups so that they get used to walking around for long nights and being whipped. Golomut doesn’t understand trolls too much. He thinks that all you need to do to train one is use a whip. Anyways, that means that I had to go get Princeton ready and try and get him to listen a little more before we go out. He gets very excited when we go out of the cave… I don’t know how excited he’ll get once he leaves the camp. I don’t want him getting into trouble.

So, most of today I tried to get Princeton to leave his bone alone and to stop picking me up all the time. At least he’s not crushing me… I did manage to get him to get better at the Sit and Stay with me commands. He’s also getting good at the Come to me orders. Though he always ends that by picking me up again. I’m happy that he doesn’t throw me either. He just puts me back down and goes to find his bone. I think that’s what I’ll have to do to make him behave on the scouting party. I’ll take the bone. That way he might listen. I told him today that I’d break it if he didn’t listen… I don’t think he understood too much because he kept staring at the bone and not me. I’ll find out tomorrow I guess.

I also just realized that there’s another problem. I finished packing my clothes and lots of food. I need to keep you with me somewhere. I need to figure out a way to keep you without Golomut or anyone else finding out and also how to write in you without anyone knowing. Orcses don’t like different-ness too much and writing in a diary is very different. If they find out they’ll tell the captains that I’m trying to become smart and then they’ll tell the One Giant All Seeing Tower Eye and he doesn’t want anyone else apart from him and the Kings-who-shouldn’t-also-be-named to be smart. I don’t know why he wants that but it’s probably because we’ll start trying to fight each other like the White Skins keep doing. They’re all kind of smart because most of them can write so they try and fight each other for no reason… they even fight against the Pointy Ears and the Big Beard Axe people. Maybe that’s why the One Giant All Seeing Tower Eye doesn’t want too many smart people around. So we don’t kill each other and kill the enemy instead. And to clarify, I’m not going to kill my own people because I’m smart… well, apart from Threg, maybe but that’s it. I’ll become smart and maybe one day I can be Tribe captain too! I’ll be just like Golomut but nicer and so much smarter!

I think of forgot what I was trying to say. But ok, I think I’ll hide you inside my clothes pack. In fact, I’ll cover you in my clothes and then put them in my pack and if anyone asks why my pack is so big I’ll tell them that it’s for Princeton’s extra clothes! [[Author’s Note – The term happens to be used quite liberally by orcs. Loin clothes generally as seen as full garments… quite obviously, in his haste to create his own form of life, Morgoth completely overlooked civilization]]  And yes, I have to go now.  I have to pack you up and get ready to leave… Princeton also needs to be taken out to poop. I don’t want him going on the walking paths. Ok, Bye Diary and see you tomorrow if I get a chance to write!

The End

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