Diary of a Troll Trainer - Day 6

Hello again smart making book diary! Today was kind of scary and fun. I woke up just a little before the Scorcher finally died for the day. I didn’t go out of the cave till it was halfway eaten by the mountain’s teeth. I don’t like walking under the Scorcher. It scorches my skin… wait… Maybe that’s why we call it that. I never thought of that. I think that whoever went around and gave everything their names was a smart person then. Maybe he had a book like this to write down everything in. In that case it would be a book full of names for things… Otherwise how would he remember what was called what? Apart from the One Giant All Seeing Tower Eye and the Kings-who-can-never-be-nam

ed, I don’t think anyone else is smart enough to remember all those names at once! The white skins and pointy ear folk keep making sounds to each other but Golomut told us that they speak in stupid tongues that make no sense and only stupid people understand them… It’s why the New White Hand Big orcs can speak it properly. I know a little white skin tongue but I’m not stupid! Not when I can write in this book. He must mean the other orcses.

Anyways, I ate a little left over food before I went to wake up Princeton. He was awake. I think he wakes up really early… or he sleeps very little because he only goes to sleep after I do. I can hear him making noises at night and sometimes throwing that bone he likes against the wall. I still don’t understand why he doesn’t eat that one bone… I really hope he’s not stupid inside. Anyways, like I thought yesterday, I want to try and teach Princeton how to do that squeeze and pick up thing of his but stronger… But being smarter than I was before, I realized that I needed to show him that he didn’t have to use the same force to me. But first I needed for him to learn his normal commands again. I need to make sure he didn’t forget things, right? So we started with the basics. Princeton was still getting used to his name… And after a lot of practice with making him come to me from across the cave when I called his name, we started different training. Oh, and every time Princeton found me he’d make this weird growl and pick me up and squeeze me. My sides still hurt… I don’t know why he likes doing that but he’s a troll. They don’t make too much sense. So anyways, I still had to try and make him put away his bone which he threw at me once or twice now… I don’t know where he picks up these habits. Oh well… I’m good at dodging things. It’s a skill you need when you’re small and the bigger orcses picked on you since you were an orcling.

Oh, and speaking of orcling, I heard Golomut talking about the she-orcs needing more mates because the last batch of sacrifices weren’t good enough. The brood turned out all weird. I even heard someone say it was because this one white skin with a big hat did something to the orcses. Like some kind of… I don’t know what it’s called but it’s like what the One does. He can make things happen!

So, after that, I began to try and get Princeton to crush things. It’s hard to make him do that. He only likes to do it to me… and Threg. Oh, I didn’t see him today anywhere. I really thought that that was funny. I also hope that Princeton doesn’t do that to only Orcses. That would be bad… especially if we’re fighting and he picks up Golomut to squeeze him. Anyways, I had this old stick figure with straw that I used to train George with and was trying to get Princeton to pick it up but he didn’t. He did throw his bone at it once. I think that counts for something. I think.

The day was long and apart from eating and pooping breaks we were training… though Princeton just goes wherever he wants to right now. I hate cleaning that stuff up. Its big and sticky and very, very smelly. I think the white skins smell the same… What was the word that they use for it? Um, Flowers I think. Those ugly pink and blue growths on trees. Yeah, that’s what it smells like. Yuck. So anyways, after all of that we went for a walk again so that I could show Princeton what the camp looked like and also, show him that orcses were friends. It was a nice walk, kind of hard when Princeton ran around trying to look and eat everything he saw. He stopped trying to eat rocks the day before today but he doesn’t know that swords and spears are not chewing things. He almost broke a spear today and killed himself with a sword. Very close calls. I still don’t understand why anyone would leave perfectly good weapons lying around on the paths like that. Must be one of the stupider orcs or one that got killed and no one came back to get his stuff. But then where were his armor and stuff? I wished I had found one of their helmets. I like helmets… I don’t know why but I think they look nice. The white skin ones are not too bad either but I can’t take those back with me. I can get killed for doing something stupid like that and I’m not stupid.

While, walking, I came to the same place that Threg had gone and wetted himself. I think that’s my favorite spot on the walking path now. I’m going to always remember that day. And if Threg tries to be mean I can always tell him off! He used to think that he had better trolls but now my troll pup scared him!

I still hadn’t seen him all day though. I guess he’s hiding. Too bad, I wanted to make fun of him today.
After the walk we went to go find some food because Princeton’s food was running out already. Also, I can eat some of his food. The big orcses won’t let me eat what they bring so I have to manage with what I can. Anyways, I later found out that tonight we had Shelob leftovers for dinner. I don’t like her leftovers. They taste funny and give me a bad stomach. So that was it… Nothing too much happening apart from Princeton almost eating a sword. Oh, and we got half an eaten cow for dinner. One of the bigger trolls had gotten it back and the trainers left some for the pups. I got there first so I got to take a nice big piece with lots of meat before the others got there and started fighting over it all! Now I have to go and store the meat so it doesn’t go bad and then Princeton and I will go eat. I think I hear him playing with his bone again. I just don’t see what he wants with it… What’s wrong with him?!

Ok, bye book!
The End

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