Diary of a Troll Trainer - Day 3

I don’t know what it is about the feeling, but the ‘heart dying’ sensation doesn’t go away. It’s stayed with me most of the morning as he walked around camp. Usually I wake up and have to clean up after George. He never learned how to clean up or at least go in one place… But today there was only myself to clean up after and that was easy. With George gone I could also eat more… I don’t like the way he used to stare at me while I was eating my share. I never liked that. He’d finish his part fast and then beg for scraps from my share. So, yes I got to eat good today… I wonder what the white skins do to trolls? Some orcses whisper about them being burned or buried. Buried makes no sense to me… what a waste and so much work. But burning? I understand if it’s a little burning… makes the meat tender. Add white powdery rock stuff and its tastier but to leave it burning? That’s just plain stupid. It explains why they’re so small. They don’t eat enough or the right stuff.
Anyways, the rest of the day was weird too. Things just didn’t seem to be going my way… well, it’s not that. Some things were good. Or now that I think about it, it was actually a normal day. I wonder if writing makes you sadder? Or maybe it’s something else? I’ll think about that after I finish this… I still have to make sure Princeton is ok… he’s been making noises for a while.
Anyways, so after morning time… that is after breakfast and the walk around camp which had been a close call, I went to the spawn pits. Oh yeah, the close call. I think I should write about that. Yeah, so I was trying to look busy so that no one would give me work or try and beat on me. No orc kills an orc that’s working… we only kill each other when we’re taking breaks. We have strict rules about that. So, I was walking close to the horde’s main food storage area. I wasn’t really planning anything funny. I just ended up there. My feet did the walking, I swear! But so, when I got close I thought that I might as well try and get a small snack… I mean it would be nice right? I’m small… this way I might get bigger. The big orcs eat so much… it’s why they’re so big… But when I got close, the Horde leader – Golomut, jumped out of nowhere and held me by the throat and said he’d eat me… It was a very close call. Thanks to me writing I was able to think of an excuse. I told him I needed bait scraps for a baby troll. It took a while but I managed to convince him. I think he listened because he’s a commander and not that stupid. We need a troll in our horde. All the other hordes have at least one… our horde is new and if it ever wants to be allowed to go the black towers, we’ll need to get better as soon as we can.
So, he let me go so I could go to the spawning pits. The pits aren’t that far from where we are. It’s only an hour walk towards the eye-tower and then 20 minutes down. I like keeping time… It took so long because I wanted to stay away from the she-orc pits… those are scary. I said so yesterday I think. The she-orcs are huge and they need normal orcs ever now and then… I don’t know what they do… I only saw a little when I was younger when I had been taken to get George. The hold the normal orcs close to them and I don’t know… there’s a lot of spawning muck everywhere… but in the end they tear the orcs head off! They are strong! Very strong… I always wondered why the Big Eye doesn’t send them to fight… Maybe because they make more orclings? I don’t know… but I don’t want to die… so I stay away from their lairs… Still, even from the other side of the cavern I could hear their shrieks along with some normal orc yells… the latter didn’t last long.
So, it made my way into the troll pits where all the trolls were kept in deep caves. Most of them were the old ones that survived or a few that are kept there for breeding. But the Master Breeder, who was a whole white man foot taller than me. He took me to the play pens and laid down bait to call the puppy trolls out. They came from their little cave holes after a while… I could tell that it was a healthy litter this time… and not one had weird bumps or anything this time! I was lucky… So, carefully I stepped into the pen and held out more bait to them.
See this is how you find the right puppy troll for you. If it tries to kill you to get the food… it’s not for you. If it only tries to bite your hand… its yours! I think that’s how my cousin died… He let one of the puppy trolls eat him. He really liked trolls, I think. So, yeah, that’s what I did! That’s how I got Princeton! He’s the second biggest of litter! Even better, he sniffed my hand before trying to eat it with the bait I was holding! He’s really good!
And he’s still making noise in the back… I think I better check on him soon… I don’t want to get into trouble for him keeping orcses awake… But today was busy like that. I brought Princeton home after I escaped the pit and the Master Breeder tagged baby Princeton with a color dart so we wouldn’t get him confused with anyone else… Getting him home was the hard part… he wanted to go explore everything but the bigger orcses don’t like that… so I had to drag him home… But it wasn’t that bad. It’s easy when you have bait. Trolls are stupid when it comes to food…
But yes, need to go. Bye…

The End

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