The Troll Trainer's Diary

Alright, so this is something I had started quite a while back and decided to continue with... A bit of light LotR fanfic about a troll trainer. Its kind of old so I've gone back and had to edit a bit but yeah, I've started writing it again... lol, its nice to see how much my writing's changed since when i first wrote this.

This is a Solo story because I have a particular end in mind but I hope that whoever chances upon this enjoys it!

An Intro -

The following is a translation of a curious finding and experiment conducted by the highly unorthodox and widely considered mad, Lothlorien elf Illum. Illum had left his sylvan lands and ventured to the very gates of Mordor where he observed and occasionally conducted social experiments on beings widely considered to be mindless blood frenzied murderers, more commonly known as Orcs. Now this particular artifact was found by Illum when one day he spied, as he lay observing nearby orc camps, a lone orc writing in a book. This book and pen were quite obviously not of orcish design. The very fact that they were a book and pen would alert even the most foolhardy of Took’s to the fact this was quite obviously out of the ordinary. His keen eyesight told him that this pen and book of assorted page sizes were of Gondor design; though that hardly mattered. As would any reading this introduction claim, the only thing that would pique one’s interest was the very fact that the orc could write much less bother to take a break from his hectic schedule to pen his thoughts... that is if they even had thoughts. It was from that day forth that Illum took to spying upon that single Orc whenever he could and jotted down his own observations of the creature’s life.
This rendition is a compilation of both translations of the orc’s writings (and drawings that needless to say were neanderthallic at best) and Illum’s own notes that tended to obnoxiously lengthy and irritatingly detailed more often than not. It goes without saying that the rendition as been marginally modified to affirm to the reader’s interests as well as edited to leave out unnecessary details like what Illum had for breakfast and how many birds he saw dropping personal loads as they flew over head one fine morning. This copy is bound to have a few trace writing liberties as well… All that being said we sincerely hope you enjoy and gain much knowledge about the rare creature known as orc, particularly this one who seemed to be a few standard deviations away from his peers on the cultural scale.

The End

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