Luck of the IrisesMature

Five minutes left, and freedom would be mine. About time, too; if that God damn sophomore sax player didn't pick it up a bit and keep up with the rest of us, I swore I would've had a coniption.

The teacher had stepped out momentarily in search of new reeds for Jasper, who, bless his talented little heart, struggled with keeping his reeds in shape due to some intense metal mouth gear. He went through three of them per class, but being the only decent clarinet player we had, well... we weren't about to give him up.

Lucia is sitting next to me, seeming lost in some deep thought. I wouldn't have minded much had her face not looked so... intense. I thought her sheet music might melt in her stare.

"Lucia? What's with you? You haven't said anything since we left the cafeteria."

"Oh..." she muttered, forcing a smile on her face. Her fingers started fidgeting with her flute, covering the holes. A pattern, a major scale. I didn't need any powers to be able to tell something was going on.

I leaned toward her, stilling her fingers. "Well? You going to share?"

She looked at me, and I nearly leaned back from her gaze. Her eyes were so clear and deep, I swore I felt a heat coming from them. I listened for anything unusual in my head. Nothing. Thank God, I couldn't deal with another supernatural teen today.

I broke my stare as the teacher returned, no reeds in hand. Jasper slumped in his seat, his breath slurping a little as he tried not to drool.

He looked amused, the teacher. As if he'd seen something that entertained him. Something about his look really drew my attention. As I looked at him, I swore it was simply female intuition.

But then I saw something as his eyes locked onto mine briefly.

My mind could only make sense of it for a second, but the word remained in my head after the image had flickered away, like a bad radio reception.

... Leotard?

I leaned forward and raised my hand, trying to get him to look at me again. After a monent, he nodded in my direction. "Clare?"

"Where's Jasper's new reed?"

"Ah, I'm afraid I have none left in my office. Took me a moment longer to get there I suppose..." he trailed off, but as he spoke his mind went back to whatever it was he had seen. I stared at him intently, trying to pinpoint the thought exactly. It was hard, searching in his irises for it, as irises are such a small space.

I held my breath and pushed on some mental wall.


I found myself in the hallway. Not next to the prof or behind him. I was him, looking through his eyes. Yeesh, dusty glasses much? I squinted, and I couldn't believe what I saw.

My brother, wearing a leotard. I'd seen the embarassing reflections in our collective nights, him seeing himself in it, but I never fully appreciated the hilarity of it through someone else. Was I feeling the teacher's amusement? I couldn't tell. But I didn't feel humiliated for him, like I did at night. He looked like he was on a mission. To where, I couldn't be sure.

"Seen your sister anywhere?"

It was the teacher's voice, and I hadn't controlled it. I was not an active member of this. It was a memory, and I had somehow put myself in it. I was amazed, this was something I had never achieved before. Was it because Ricky was directly involved?

He turned red in the face and replied. I couldn't make it out. It was muted, like through a wall, while the teacher's voice was completely clear. I tried to fight through it, tried to jump from the teacher to Ricky, to get into his memory the same way. But I couldn't do it. I was losing the hold on it, the mental grip.

I heard a bell ring, and I was suddenly thrown back into my own consciousness. I gasped heavily, realizing I'd been holding my breath.

The teacher seemed to make nothing of it. "--get there, I suppose... don't worry, it's Friday. I'll get more on the weekend for you, Jasper." he finished, turning away from me as he addressed our talented drooler, severing the connection totally.

Seems like time had stopped while I'd been moseying around in the prof's memories. Or maybe mental speed was millions of times faster. I couldn't believe I had just done that. I had a hand to my chest, my heart practically vibrating with the sensation.

Lucia shook me a bit. "Clare? Clare, you okay?"

I shook my head a bit, blinking rapidly. A smile spread across my face. "Yeah, I'm fine..." I looked at the time and gasped, quickly putting my instrument away and gathering my things. "I'll see you on Monday, okay? I have to go take care of something!"

"Are you seeing Ricky? Can I come with you?"

I was out the door before I could answer, jogging through the halls. I became a mental beacon, trying to pick up on either Ricky or Pris.

Ricky? Pris? Guys, something really weird just happened to me! I think it can help us deal with--

And then I ran into a wall. The wind was nearly knocked out of me as I fell.

Oops. The word was snide and obnoxious. And a little nasally.

"Kipp." I didn't have to look up to know it. He held out an arm to help me up, but I did not use it.

Once I was upright again, I took a look at him. He was flushed in the face, small beads of sweat were suspended from his shaggy hair. Had he run over here or what?

"Clarice," he returned, "You're looking exuberant. What, oh what is it that happened to you?"

I glared at him. He was looking right at me, trying to get the thought out of me. I could see every detail in his crazy, crack-head eyes.

His eyes...

I held my breath and pushed insantly, not wanting him to catch on. Somehow, I knew he'd recognize the feeling of being invaded.

"Ooh, a staring contest? Okay, I'll bite. Just a good excuse to take it all in, huh? My impossible good looks? Yes, I bet even you see something in me that you..." he licked his thin, rubbery lips, "crave." He didn't seem to be catching on, just a little bit longer...

And then I found it, the hole in his wall.

No!  He tried to resist me, but once I was in it was all over.

I couldn't see anything, it was completely dark. I changed my focus to other things. Smell... in truth, it smelled like piss. Strong, almost palpable in the air. A bathroom? Probably the mens. But something else too. Something flowery... and expensive. Shampoo. Good shampoo. I felt the shudder that wracked Kipp's scrawny frame.

All I could hear was my own breathing. Or rather, Kipp's breathing. And the soft ruffle of hair... and... something wet and loud. As if...

I paused, afraid to continue in this memory. But I had to know.

Touch. The hair in my hands was soft and long, the more I wrestled with it, the more potent the fragrance was. It was intoxicating. I felt a little lower, along the ears and neck. So smooth, so supple...

And that's when the most obvious feeling hit me as he shuddered again. Not having one myself, if was hard to pick up on right away. Sucking... oh my God, some dumb girl was giving this bastard head!

And... damn good head, too. I knew now that I was forced to surrender to the memory. In emotion, in pleasure, in pain. All there was now was raw sexual energy, and a dirty sense that whoever it was in the darkness below was being used for my pleasure only. It was an exhilerating feeling. Her mouth felt so good on me. Warm, wet, smooth, and with the suction of a fucking Dirt Devil.

I was losing control of it again. Who was the girl? I fluttered through the scent of her again. It seemed so familiar...

"Unghh," she moaned quietly in the dark. And that was all I needed to hear.

The vision rippled, the feelings came and went until I was numb from them again.

Everything rushed back. The light of the hallway was bright, the students around us loud. The throb of sex the last to leave.

My returning gasp for breath came out as a scream. I opened my eyes and saw in Kipp's fearful face that he had slipped up.

I saw my reflection in his eyes. But it didn't look like me. It looked like Priscilla.

It was Priscilla down there in the darkness, her mouth on this freak before me. Even now, as fury built in my welling eyes, her shampoo was all I could smell.

The End

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