Buddying UpMature

"Oh my God, Pris. That new skirt is sooooo you!"

"I know right? Ugh, look at my roots! I need a touch up so badly before Nate starts to notice."

Priscilla and her closest friend Jade were poking and prodding at themselves in front of the bathroom mirrors, turning about in every possible angle to repair any flaws; a wrong fold, a stray hair follicle, anything out of place. Priscilla was obsessive-compulsive about her appearence, but despite all that vanity, she was no snob.

Sure, she caved to the occasional bout of peer pressure, and often resisted associating with anyone who wasn't in her slender-figured, big-haired, tight-butted convoy of girls.

"When the fuck are we going to go shopping, girl? If I have to even look at another out-of-season piece in my closet, I'll kill myself." Jade sighed, applying a third layer of lip gloss.

"Need a job before I can shop, Jade. You know they don't give you the shit for free just because you're fine. I'm having a rough time right now, clothes aren't exactly on my mind." Pris replied, finished with the mirror and waiting for Jade. She frowned a bit, thinking about her boyfriend Nate. They had started so well, but were coming to an awkward stall in their relationship. Nate seemed unsure what he was doing these days, and no matter what Priscilla did, said, or wore, he seemed flustered. "C'mon already, any more gloss and you'll be plumper than Pamela Anderson."

"Gross, Pea." The nickname 'Pea' had stuck with her since the fourth grade. Thankfully her two siblings, Clarice and Frederic, did not stoop to that level.

She suppressed the red flare that threatened to fill her cheeks. Despite their closeness, Jade had no idea about Priscilla's special talent; her ability to communicate with her siblings without words and actions, or how she just seemed to know when they were in trouble or when something was bothering them. They had no secrets, and sometimes Priscilla wished she could disconnect from the connection. Fred and Clare were much smarter than her, more literary; a lot of their thoughts and dreams often went right over her head.

Except Fred's wet dream about Avril Lavigne. That was just gross.

"Jade, I gotta go to the Library, okay? I'll be there when you're finished primping."

"Whatever, later." Jade answered, spritzing an expensive scent on her neck as Priscilla left.

The second she walked into the hallway, she was bumped heavily to one side.

"Hey!" She shrieked as her purse fell to the ground; all the items inside spewing out and rolling along the floor.

Her arm was caught before she fell, and as she looked up, she was surprised that the clutz was able to hold her up with his pale, wiry arms.

"Oh shit! I'm really sorry! Are you okay?" He pushed his glasses back up his nose, and snorted a little as he laughed. "That was close, a skirt that short should be illegal." he said.

As soon as she righted herself, she ripped her arm from him. "Excuse me? There's nothing wrong with the length of my skirt, asshole. Next time watch where you're going!" She said, disgusted. She bent down at the knees to retrieve her stuff, and shoved it back into her purse.

"That's not what I meant! I mean it looks really nice on you!" The guy stammered, trying to recollect whatever smoothness he thought he had.

Priscilla was only more annoyed, but as she walked away the guy's voice changed into something else entirely.

"Wait," he said. His voice lost its nasally nature, and went deeper. It got about 450% sexier with that one word, and that was enough to make Priscilla turn.

The kid took off his glasses, and shook out his hair a bit. She realized he looked a lot like Fred, but the eyes were something else entirely; a deep hazel color with flecks of green and blue, as if every eye color imaginable was stuffed into those irises. With the dorky glasses on, she hadn't noticed. He didn't have any gross acne or oily skin, either, he was just thin. She looked at his raised arm as his hand ran through his hair, and she noticed the long, lean muscles moving beneath the skin.

What had just happened? This dork who had crashed into her was suddenly... Dared she say it? ... HOT. For a moment, she forgot all about Nate.

"Maybe we got off on the wrong foot... I've seen you around, but I've never gotten your name...?" He smiled at her, and not at her chest or her butt either, but actually at her face.

She smiled back and turned on her own charm. "Priscilla. Everyone just calls me Pris." She offered her hand. "And you are...?"

"It's Ki-... I mean, Kevin," he stammered. "I'm new. That's why I bumped into you, I didn't even realize the girl's bathroom was right there," Kevin explained, looking a little sheepish. "I'm sorry I ran into you like that. Can I do anything to make it up to you?"

For a moment she heard "make out with you", but it sounded like it was just in her head. Her mind was going to dark places very fast. She swallowed and cleared her throat. "You... any good at Science?" she asked.

He smiled, and she almost melted. "I'm whatever you want me to be."

The End

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