I departed gym class in a worried daze. Markus' moronic comments weren't on my mind, and neither was Nate's blatant uncertainty about my sister. Who was this little shit? And how was he, an ugly little shrimp, more powerful than me and my sisters?

I entered English class and immediately searched for Clarice. She usually sat near the front, but today she was socializing with a few girls in the back. I got close to her, and our fraternal connection immediately allowed her to realize I had arrived.

Hey Freddy, she called me by my petname, which didn't bother me as long as it wasn't out loud. How was the sausage-fest in gym?

Can it, Clare. We've got bigger problems than an unhealthy amount of testosterone.

She sensed my anxiety and excused herself from the conversation she was in. She came up to me, slender frame and auburn hair in tow. My sisters were very good-looking, and any idiot could see that plainly. For the sake of looking different, Clare dyed her hair regularly, while Priscilla kept her strawberry-blonde locks. Clare was far less bubbly than our other sister; more down to earth and low-maintenence. It was often easier to relate to her experiences each night; they were more intelligent memories, and kept me entertained while Priscilla's left me feeling like I just re-lived a day in the life of Mean Girls or some shit. Me, on the other hand, I had dark brown hair and brown eyes, while my sisters shared a more aquatic eye color.

Clare put her hand on my shoulder. "What's the matter?"

Just then, as the second bell rang for class, he came in; the same kid from the locker room. He immediately looked in our direction, and as I clenched my jaw, Clare turned to see him. He looked my sister up and down and smiled. His eyes bore into hers, and she suddenly went stiff next to me, the hand on my shoulder tightening greatly. Her long nails dug into my shirt.

He must have been saying something to her, but I couldn't hear it in my head; clearly he had the ability to control the channel, so only those he chose could hear what was spoken.

Leave her alone, motherfucker.

Both the kid and Clare looked at me; Clare with appreciation, the kid with unbridled irritation. He eventually went to his seat and turned to the front of the class, no longer interested.

"You see?" I turned to Clare, who's flawless skin was red with fury.

"Yeah, but who is he? And how is he doing it? He doesn't have--"

I don';t need some stupid sibling to have powers, his nasally voice was in both our heads this time. As for who I am, you may call me Kipp.

How about I call you 'Ugly Little Shit' instead? Clare's quick retort sounded off loudly in my skull. The closer we were in proximity, the louder the volume was, and that last comment felt like it was yelled into my ear.

There's no need to be rude. Besides, you have to be nice to me if you want any hope of staying in your normal, boring life.

I moved from Clare and walked up to him, tired of these mind games. It was really irritating when it wasn't your own siblings. "Listen, why don't we just stay out of eachother's heads until after school? Meet us at the Rocksbury Cafe, downtown. We'll listen to whatever it is you want from us then, okay?" I wasn't too concerned saying this outloud; the teacher was late and everyone was still socializing rather loudly.

Kipp considered it, then nodded. "Fine, dickhead. Rocksbury, at four o'clock." He turned away from me as if to dismiss my existence completely, which was fine by me.

I rejoined Clare at my desk. "We're going to meet him later. Listen, if he keeps putting shit in your head, let me know. I'll deal with it."

Clare looked past me. "We need to warn Pris."

"We will, I'll find her next period. But we have a test today, remember? And if any questions about the fourth act of Othello come up, I'll need you to help me out." I smiled and gave her a wink.

She laughed. "Only if you help me with acts one through three."

Eventually Clare took her seat as the teacher came bustling in the door. I sat down in my desk and glared at the back of Kipp's head. What did he want from us?

I sighed heavily, trying to put it out of my mind for the time being. God only knows he could hear every waking thought from me right now.

The End

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