Malik's Journal: Neverwinter AcademyMature

Well... I've nearly done it. My training here at Neverwinter is starting to pay off, despite my age. They even said a 16 year old human like me could never become a wizard. Well, I'm nearly ready to show them.

Atleast the people here at Neverwinter Academy are nice! They're kind, thoughtful and generous and don't judge me because of my age, unlike the people from around my village just outside Neverwinter, I feel like I could live here forever!

Well, maybe not forever, I still need to graduate ofcourse! But before I can graduate I still need to be taught some more by Teacher

Teacher says my spells are nearly perfect! Just one more big push and I should be able to do it! I still need to catch up on a little bit of reading though... maybe I could bliz it in one night before I have to meet Lady Aribeth...

Oh yes! I get to meet Lady Aribeth soon; Teacher told me today! I'm still a bit concerned since my spells aren't up to perfection; what if I make a stupid mistake on the field of battle which I could've easily avoided by  perfecting my skills!?

I wonder who in this academy Lady Aribeth will pair me with. I know most of the guys here, but I rarely see any girls, let alone talk to them. Oh well, as long I'm helping people I'm fine! Lady Aribeth is wise, she'll know to pair a soon-to-be wizard like me with somebody strong, like a barbarian! That would be awesome!

Anyway, I need to graduate as soon as possible...If not for me then for mother's sake at least...


16 year old human, Soon-to-be wizard

The End

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