Rebekah's Journal: Neverwinter AcademyMature

The Journal of Rebekah McAvoy

It has always been my deepest desire to become an adventurer. Monotony and I have never been obliging bedfellows; I have sought out intruige and adventure with my whole heart, and now, having reached my eighteenth year, I have found it.

Although it seemed to me like forever to wait, I now understand that I am blessed to have chanced upon it at this tender age. My parents, although proud, were understandably worried when I told them of my plans to answer Neverwinter's call for help; I reminded them that I had McAvoy blood flowing through my veins, blood which has run for many ages across battlefields and through the hearts of many brave warriors.  My sex never entered the equation - I would never have allowed it to tarnish the fighter's blood and heart that beats within me.

The rooms of the academy are comfortable - they are spacious, but warm, and boast soft beds and pillows filled with swan down. It is fortunate indeed that the beds are comfortable; despite my resolve and McAvoyan blood, training has proved difficult. However, the rewards it reaps grow more noticable daily.

My accuracy with the longsword is steadily improving, and I am increasingly able to fell more foes consecutively. I have been praised for my combat by both the teachers and my fellow students. Yet, even this praise seems pale compared with the desire I have to help Neverwinter. Following my graduation tonight, I hope to become of immediate use.

I am looking forward to meeting Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande, for I have heard of her greatness and kindness from many of the teachers. I hope that I will make a positive impression upon her.

Rebekah McAvoy
Human, Fighter and Defender of Neverwinter

The End

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