The Trinity of NeverwinterMature

As Neverwinter and the surrounding settlements struggle with a strange illness and an even more sinister cult, three heroes will step forward to restore the whole of Faerun to the peace it once had.


Many years ago, on a day now lost in the sands of time an oracle, named Hondra Rak'ray, once prophesied to the people of Faerun. She spoke in ways that the people did not understand, but always truthfully. Her eyes would be glazed over as she peered through the mists of time. On this day, as it had been chosen by the Fates, the oracle spoke, her words rolling and echoing through the minds and ears of all who listened to her wisdom.

The city of Neverwinter and the surrounding settlements shall be sucked into a diabolical illness; a plague, that will slowly and painfully destroy its victims, shall sweep across the land. However, this illness will be surpassed in darkness by something far more sinister.

The crowds gasped in horror at this revelation. Yet, she spoke again, leaving them to treasure a glimmer of hope in their trembling hearts.

From the gloom, three heroes, the Trinity of Neverwinter, will step forward to restore the whole of Faerun to the peace it once held, and heal the affilicted by their goodness and determined resolve.

This was the last of Hondra Rak'ray's prophesies; as the last word left her lips, so did her life - she passed away, taking the secret of the heroes' identities with her to her revered grave. One question remained burned upon the minds and lips of the people - just who were the heroes? And how soon would this plague come to pass? They could only watch and pray to Tyr, the Even-Handed god. Yet, with the rolling years, that questions' mark faded.

The people of Faerun were unprepared for their fate when it came. Neverwinter sent out a call for a champion. With the memory of the Trinity held only in old tomes and the empty skulls of the deceased, little did the people know that the heroes were closer to them than they could have imagined. Yet, even the Trinity had yet to know their identity themselves. Their adventure was soon to begin, one which would grant them the glory of kings and deities.

However, it would come at a great cost.

The End

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