The Tribute to the Shoes

"You used used me every day. Wore me everywhere, wherever you went, I was there! Heck, I’m your most worn item in your closet, and never wake up and ask "Hey shoe...How have you been today?" or for that matter "Hey shoe, would you like to share some chips and watch a football game with me?" No. Am I simply an object to you?! You think you can trod all over me, step on me, use me to squish your cockroaches and kick people in the *ahem*... groin... and then discard me, rotten, muddy and stinky in the blackness of your closet!? Doesn't anyone ever think about how I feel!?
And I’m sick of it. I’m tying my laces, packing my socks and leaving you. I can’t be in this relationship any more, till you learn to appreciate all I've done for you! But hey...I guess all we had....means nothing to you. Go ahead, Buy a new pair of sneakers, but when they bite you, and pinch your toes....don’t come crying to me, sweetheart, for I'll be off somewhere new, looking out at bigger and better things!"

 This is the parting letter of an unnamed football stud to his partner. Reading this letter, I began to think (which I don’t do...I don’t usually It’s a great "feet" for me!) Don't you think it's time we end this shoe abuse, these horrific tales of mud and slush and squished's time we pay tribute to their timeless helpers, these sole bearers,!!

Take time to talk to your shoe, hear what it has to say, and come my friends, lets write all our shoe's words here, so the world can learn to appreciate are laced friends forever more!!!


The End

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